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Cash Stolen During Armed Robbery In Deal

Enquiries are being carried out after cash was stolen during a robbery inside a hotel in Deal. 

On Wednesday 12 December 2018 just before 10.30pm two men were reported to have entered the The Royal Hotel in Beach Street carrying what looked like axes and demanded cash from the tills. 

Kent Police officers were told that threats were made however no one was injured. The suspects were wearing white overalls and balaclavas and police believe they left the hotel with the cash in a small silver car. 

Detectives are reviewing all lines of enquiry and would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the robbery or who has information that could assist with the investigation. If you can help, please phone Kent Police as soon as possible on 01843 222289 quoting reference number 12-1946.  

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555111. 

PSE 59727 Andrew Judd

Volunteer & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer

South East Kent Police 

Police Station, Tufton Street, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1BT

Christmas Recycling and Rubbish Collections

Police warning following theft of unsafe toys

A trailer containing an unsafe batch of Little Tikes Squeezoo Bubble Bus and Elephant toys was stolen from Wellesbourne Distribution Park. This batch of toys was on its way to be destroyed due to quality control issues and potential safety risks associated with them.

While the brand is still stocked by reputable retailers, Detective Constable Daniel Griffiths said: "We're urging people to show caution when buying these toys from a market, car boot sale, online auction site or social media."

"We have launched an investigation to identify the offenders and retrieve the stolen toys. I'd appeal for anyone with information that could help with our investigation to contact us." (Read full Warwickshire Police warning here.)

Anyone with information about the theft or who thinks they have seen the stolen toys for sale should call police on 101 quoting incident 50 of 22 November 2018.

CALL 101 - INCIDENT 50 of 22 NOVEMBER 2018.

Alternatively, information be provided anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Recent Crime Help

Please find below details of all Dover NHW reportable crime reported in the last 24 hours, as usual if you have any information which may be useful to the investigation of these incidents please call 101 and quote the relevant crime report number.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Crime Type





Property stolen

Crime - Reference



Theft from a motor vehicle.


Mill Green,


3/12 16.30

4/12 10.15

Both number pates stolen from a car.



Theft of a motor vehicle.


Gore Lane, Sandwich.

3/12 20.00

4/12 12.30

Red Fiat 500 stolen from home address.


Car and its contents stolen.


Scam advice

  • Remember – Your bank or the Police will NEVER ask for your PIN, your bank card or to withdraw money.
  • CautionNEVER share your PIN with anyone – the only times you should use your PIN is at a cash machine or when you use a shop’s chip and PIN machine.
  • Think  - NEVER hand your bank card or any goods you have purchased as a result of a phone call to anyone who comes to your front door.
  • Investigate – If you think you have been the victim of a scam , call the Police.

Doorstep Criminal Impersonating A Police Officer


Want to report a doorstep criminal


We've received reports of a male doorstep criminal who is impersonating a Police Officer in the Herne Bay area. 

How It Works

  • The resident was shown a fake ID.
  • The criminal claimed to be following up on a company that completed work for the resident 6 years ago.
  • He stated that the company did not pay any VAT and the resident was now liable.

The resident was told if they didn’t pay, they would have to go to court.


What To Do

  • Call Kent Police on 101 to check the identity of the cold caller.
  • Do not open the door until this has been confirmed.
  • If an officer is genuine, they will happily wait.
  • If they are not who they say they are it will alert the police to the doorstep criminal.

Warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours living in the area. 

If you feel afraid or threatened by a doorstep caller, phone 999


Please report any suspicious doorstep callers to us.

Report it

HMRC Phone Scam


We have seen a large increase in reports of scam phone calls from people claiming to be HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). 

How it works: 

  • The scammer claims there an overdue tax bill or the resident has been overpaid tax credits.
  • They say the resident must pay up immediately or they will be taken to court where they could face 5 years in prison or someone will come to their address and collect goods to that value. 

In some calls the scammer claimed to be a police officer and said there is a warrant for their arrest!

How they are asking for payment:

  • By bank transfer and to send a photo via WhatsAPP to prove the transfer has been done or 
  • Buying iTunes or Amazon vouchers and sending a photo of the voucher codes via WhatsAPP

One victim could only pay cash and was given directions on where to leave the money!

These calls are not being made by HMRC! 

What to do:

  • Hang up and don't return their calls. 
  • NEVER disclose any personal information such as bank details or date of birth, no matter who the person claims to be.
  • Contact HMRC  if you're worried about a call you've received  
  • If you have already given money to the scammers, contact Kent Police by calling 101


Report it


Eastry Children's Play Areas

In early 2018 the wooden children’s play area by the allotments was removed as it was unsafe and beyond economic repair and due to its location away from the main children’s play facility in the Gun Park, was considered underused.

Some residents have requested that the facility be reinstated. Eastry Parish Council have allocated £12,000 to do this. The Parish Council has also received a requests for an overhaul of all play facilities in the Parish.

Before making any plans, Eastry Parish Council want your views.

Please complete the questionnaire on Survey Monkey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DYMNDHG



A new HMRC scam has emerged. Fraudsters are targeting households, pretending to be from HMRC and threatening legal action unless you call back.

We explain how the scam works, and we’ve been able to attain two voicemails left by fraudsters.

We have plenty of advice on phone scams, so please make sure you don't get caught out. Listen to what a scam call sounds like.

Extortion Scam

Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in extortion scam

Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims' password to install spying malware on the victims' computer. The criminals claim they’ve recorded videos of the victim watching adult material by activating their webcam when they visit these websites. What makes this scam so convincing is that the email usually includes a genuine password the victim has used for one of their online accounts. We believe criminals obtain the passwords from data breaches.

What to do if you get one of these emails?

Don’t reply to the email, or be pressured into paying. The police advise that you do not pay criminals. Try flagging the email as spam/junk if you receive it multiple times. Perform a password reset as soon as possible on any accounts where you’ve used the password mentioned in the email. Always use a strong, separate password for important accounts, such as your email. Where available, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Always install the latest software and app updates. Install, or enable, anti-virus software on your laptops and computers and keep it updated.

If you receive one of these emails, report it to Action Fraud’s phishing reporting tool. If you have received one of these emails and paid the ransom, report it to your local police force.

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Community Transport Scheme

Thanet Community Transport Association (TCTA) was established in 1999 to provide the highest quality Transport service for Elderly & Disabled People throughout the community of Thanet and surrounding areas. In August this year the service was extended to cover the Deal, Dover and Sandwich Areas.  

Everyone has to become a member of the service before they can use the transport and other services. This is normally £20.00 per annum, however the Parish Council has paid a group membership which will cover anyone living within the Parish to use the service. You will still need to ring and register for the service and give your details, just state you are covered by Eastry Parish Council membership and no membership fee will be charged.  Charges apply for other services.  

The TCTA run a number of services including  

Dial A Ride

Dial a ride is a door to door service to assist the elderly and disabled people go shopping or to medical appointment of just to visit friends and family and who are unable to travel with a conventional bus service. There may be many reasons a conventional bus service cannot be used, bus stop too far to walk, unable to carry shopping, cannot board a conventional bus. The fee for a trip within the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area is £2.50 for a single journey.  (Bus passes are not accepted). The cost of Hospital trips to QEQM or Canterbury will be quoted at the time of booking.  

Using the service is easy telephone 01843 602030 and book your ride a least 24 hours before you need the service.  


Any service users can go on any of the trips provided. Pub lunches, afternoon teas, fish and chip suppers, shopping to larger complexes, theatres and places of interest. These can be booked in advance and are detailed in the quarterly newsletter sent to members.  


Transport for short breaks to destinations, such as Eastbourne, Worthing, Bournemouth and Norfolk. The vehicles transport you door to door, and stays with you to take you on day trips whilst you are away. 

Shopping Service

We take the hassle and confusion out of shopping for those unable to get to the shops for a small fee. We will collect your list and do your shopping at the shop of your choice and return with your shopping. If you haven’t got the money available we can take payment over the phone, our personal shoppers get to know you as a person and your preferences. 


Wheelchairs can be transported provided they are crash tested and mechanically safe.  

Please make use of this service if you need to.


Beware of iTunes gift card scam 


We continue to receive reports of criminals tricking victims into buying iTunes gift cards as payment for various types of fraud. 

The criminals tell the victim to buy the iTunes gift cards then give them the serial code on the card over the phone or to send it to them. 

Once the serial code is sent the money is lost. 

The types of fraud include loan scams, fake mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) scam, banking errors and payment for fake HMRC debt/taxes.

Since May 2016 there has been a reported total loss of £520,000 to this scam with one victim losing £46,000. 

Never agree to requests to pay in the form of an iTunes gift cards. Hang up the call and report it. 

Visit our website for more advice on how to protect yourself from scams

Report it

You can view our Privacy Notice at any time. It explains what personal data we hold about you, how we collect the data and how we may use and share information about you. We are required to give this information under the data protection law.






For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Criminals target homeowners with bogus drainage fault 

We've received reports of criminals phoning residents claiming there is an issue with the drains outside their property and they say the drainage company will fix it for free.

When the criminal arrives they claim the road behind them had the blockage which was connected to their property. They say they can fix it for £1500 to be paid in cash and they claim Kent County Council (KCC) wants the work completed. 

This is a scam.  The claim about KCC is untrue. 

Warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours living in the area. 

If you feel afraid or threatened by a doorstep caller, phone 999. For non-urgent calls, phone Kent Police on 101.

  Please report any suspicious doorstep callers to us. 


Report it

You can view our Privacy Notice at any time. It explains what personal data we hold about you, how we collect the data and how we may use and share information about you. We are required to give this information under the data protection law.






For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Kent Association of Local Councils - Community Awards Scheme 2019

The KALC Community Award is to acknowledge and give recognition to a resident of Eastry who has made a significant contribution to this Parish over a period of years.  If you know of someone who has given this sort of service and merits an Award then please do nominate them.  The person must live or work within the Parish Council boundary.   

The winner will receive a certificate signed by the Kent Association of Local Council's Chairman and the High Sheriff of Kent.  The Award will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2019. 

If you would like to nominate someone, or a group of people for this award please do so either in writing to Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Gore Terrace, Gore Road, Eastry CT13 0LS or email clerk@eastrypc.co.uk. An application form can be found on the Parish Council Web Site:

Form in Microsoft Word format here and in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format here.

Please provide:

  • Name of the Person you wish to nominate

  • The reason for the nomination

  • Your name and address (nomination will not be accepted without this information) 

The Closing date for nomination is 4th January 2019.

CTSA News - October 2018

NATIONAL CSSC Green Message - NCTPHQ bulletin - 1 October 2018

Many of you will be aware that the ACT for Youth film and lesson plan, launched in 2017, included basic first aid techniques, written by St John Ambulance, which could be used to treat casualties whilst hiding during a terrorist attack.
This collaboration with SJA (St John Ambulance) has now been extended to include guidance for the wider adult public and has been published on the NaCTSO website.
The SJA guidance is now the official CT Policing stance on the provision of first aid, following a terrorist attack, and any enquiries you might receive should be dealt with by signposting to the SJA material.
How to administer CPR to a casualty has been deliberately omitted from the SJA guidance for the expert medical reasons outlined below and in the context of a terror attack:
•    It could potentially be very hazardous to the helper to attempt CPR in the case of a chemical incident. Professional help should be sought as soon as possible.
•    CPR in the event of an explosion or blast is very unlikely to be effective because of why the heart stopped. Providing blood is the most effective treatment for traumatic cardiac arrest of this kind. Professional help will be on the way, and securing the personal safety of survivors and potential helpers is the key priority.
•    CPR following a stabbing or a shooting  has a fractionally higher possibility of success, but professional intervention is required as soon as possible, and a positive outcome is unlikely unless blood, or some interventional means of controlling the bleeding, followed by rapid evacuation, can be provided.  
The guidance stresses that following a terrorist attack first aid should only be administered when safe to do so, but this does not represent a change in CT Policing core advice for anyone caught up in a gun or knife terror attack, which remains to -
Run, Hide, Tell.
It is acknowledged that the CitizenAid app also provides authoritative guidance, and although it can be referenced as part of a discussion or presentation it will not be formally endorsed by National CT Policing on any slides or other corporate literature.

National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
New Scotland Yard, London, SW1A 2JL
E-mail:     nactso@met.police.uk

If you see something suspicious, call the anti-terrorism hotline 0800 789321.

To contact the counter terrorism security advisor office with a general enquiry, please email ctsa.bouverie@kent.pnn.police.uk.

Eastry Surgery Closure - Communications Statement

Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week – ‘See it Report it, Stop it’


It’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent adult abuse and this Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week (Oct 8-12), residents of Kent and Medway are urged to ‘See It, Report It, Stop It’.

During the 8th to the 12th of October, the Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board will highlight the problems of isolation and exploitation within the county and encourage the public to report any concerns.

One of the responsibilities of the board is to undertake multiagency Safeguarding Adults Reviews. These look at a case in more detail to establish what worked well and what can be done to further improve practice. Recent reviews have influenced the themes of this year’s campaign.

During Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week, representatives from Kent County Council, Medway Council, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, Kent Police, Kent Fire & Rescue Service and other partner agencies, will be holding events to speak to the public about how to recognise and stop different types of abuse.

Abuse can take many forms, such as physical, psychological, consumer scams, sexual, neglect, modern slavery, radicalism, hate crimes, discrimination and domestic violence. 

Adults without a wide support network or who are fundamentally lonely, are especially susceptible to abuse in its various forms, such as online scams and those who falsely befriend vulnerable people to exploit them, (known as mate crime). Every year 3.2 million people hand money to mass marketing scams alone.

Some isolated adults are targeted by gangs who befriend them so they can take over their home and use it for criminal activity. Cuckooing, as it is known, is a growing problem in the south of England.

In the last financial year more than 11,610 safeguarding concerns were reported in Kent and Medway, up from 10,666 the previous year. In the same period 6,375 new safeguarding enquiries were undertaken to establish whether action needed to be taken to stop abuse or neglect.

The best weapon against abuse is to talk about it to the right people. Anyone with a concern regarding the actual or potential abuse of a loved one, a colleague, a friend, a neighbour, a child or about themselves, should make a point of reporting it.

The Independent Chair of the Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board, Deborah Stuart-Angus, said: “We must learn from the experience, gained from Safeguarding Adult Reviews, supported by research (Hawkley and Cacioppo, 2010), which has shown us that people who are lonely and isolated are frequently more sensitive to perceived threats, causing them to withdraw further from communities and social situations”

“The government’s call for evidence to develop The Loneliness Strategy has noted that such withdrawal can in itself can create a ‘vicious cycle’. Please help us to help others.”

To report abuse, contact Kent County Council on 03000 41 61 61 or Medway Council on 01634 334466 or if someone is in immediate risk, dial 999.  Support will be provided by specially trained people to victims of abuse and those who report it.

 During the campaign, a number of information stands and one-stop-shops will be taking place across Kent and Medway, including:

Monday 8 Oct – Medway Council, Gun Wharf Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR (between 10am – 1pm)

Tuesday 9 Oct – Forum Shopping Centre, High Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 3DL (between 10am - 2pm)

Wednesday 10 Oct  – Medway Maritime Hospital, Windmill Road, Gillingham, ME75NY (between 9am-2pm) and William Harvey Hospital, Kennington Road, Willesborough, Ashford TN24 0LZ

Thursday 11 Oct  –  Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, 20 Alexandra Gardens, Folkestone CT20 1AU (between 9.30am – 4pm) and The Mall, Pad's Hill, Maidstone ME15 6AT

Friday 12 Oct  –  ASDA, Mill Way, Sittingbourne (between 11am - 3pm)

For the full list of events, visit: https://tinyurl.com/saaw18



Volunteer Support Wardens

Are you passionate, enthusiastic and up for a new challenge?  Do you like meeting new people, want to learn new skills and provide valuable support to local residents?  Kent County Council are recruiting Volunteer Support Warden’s in your area.  The role will be challenging but rewarding and you’ll be making a real difference to local communities. For more information and to find about this role visit our website Volunteer as a support warden  or contact Community Wardens on 03000 413455.


Independent guide to care and support in Kent – a crucial time for information 

A new, updated, independent care services directory has been published today which gives readers crucial information on how to access, and pay for, care services throughout Kent. 

You may have seen there’s a huge amount in the media at the moment about the crisis in social care. If you’re growing concerned about your care options, or just want some more information on what your choices may be, this directory can help. With information to help you understand your options, where to go for advice and how the paying for care system works, the Kent Care Services Directory can support you to make informed decisions.  

The new edition of the independent publication and accompanying website give information on all aspects of arranging care and support in Kent. It includes how to stay independent for as long as possible, the different care and support options available and what to look for when choosing a care provider. It also offers guidance on important issues such as paying for care and what financial assistance may be available from the local authority. There are comprehensive listings of all registered care services throughout Kent, plus checklists to help you ask the right questions when visiting services. 

For a free copy of the Kent Care Services Directory contact Care Choices on 01223 207770. The directory will be available throughout the region from outlets including carers’ centres, hospitals, GP surgeries, Age UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. It can be downloaded from www.carechoices.co.uk and is also available in spoken word.  

Robert Chamberlain, Managing Director of the directory’s publisher, Care Choices, commented: “This is an invaluable source of information for anyone considering short or long-term care in Kent, and contains vital information to help people decide what type of care and support is best for them. 

“With the current crisis in social care, finding a care service for yourself or a loved one that meets their needs and is affordable can be a daunting and unfamiliar task. This new independent directory has been compiled to help people understand the process and offer them reassurance at every step of their journey.” 

Care Choices is the UK’s largest independent publisher for social care and adults with additional needs. It is also the largest publisher of care directories for local authorities in England.



Costa Coffee Voucher Scam

A fake Costa Coffee voucher scam is catching people out on Whatsapp and allowing criminals to steal personal data.
The new scam starts with Whatsapp users receiving an offer for a £75 voucher in celebration of Costa’s 50th birthday. Victims are then asked to enter personal information before they can access the ‘voucher’.
Costa has confirmed the message is a scam. If you get this message, do not click on the link and do not enter any personal information.

PSE 59727 Andrew Judd 

Volunteer & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer

South East Kent Police 

Police Station, Tufton Street, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1BT 

Tel: 01233 896151 / Mobile 07584 164 348



Meet the Dog Warden Team

There’s a chance to meet Dover District Council’s dog warden team at locations around the district from Monday 16 July to Sunday 19 August for a range of information, help and advice, and free microchipping for your dog. 

The team will be available to answer questions, promote responsible dog ownership, raise awareness, and provide help and information on a variety of matters, including reporting and tackling dog fouling. There will also be an opportunity to find out about and join our Wag Watch scheme. 

The team will be at the following locations: 

  • 16 July – Molland Lea/School Road area, Ash – 11am-1pm
  • 17 July– Recreation Ground, Lancaster Avenue, Capel-Le-Ferne –10am-1pm
  • 19 July – Gun Park, Eastry – 11am-1pm
  • 31 July – Sandwich Quayside – 11am-1pm
  • 01 Aug – Pencester Gardens, Dover – 11am-1pm
  • 03 Aug – Elms Vale Recreation Ground – 8am-10am
  • 08 Aug – Outside Marks and Spencer, Deal – 11am-1pm
  • 10 Aug – Barton Footpath/Limes Road area – 9am-11am
  • 14 Aug – Kearsney Abbey (café side) – 12 noon-2pm
  • 19 Aug – Sandown Castle Gardens, Deal – 12 noon-2pm. 

Cllr Trevor Bartlett, DDC Cabinet Member for Environmental Health said: “We are delighted to be able to arrange these events in our communities to raise awareness and promote responsible dog ownership.  We hope as many people as possible will come along to meet the dog wardens and find out more. 

“Dog fouling is a key concern for residents and we continue to address this through enforcement and education. Although most people pick up after their pets, a small majority continues to cause problems.  One of our key goals is to tackle this issue, which we are doing in a number of ways, including by helping people report dog fouling and reminding owners to pick up after their pets.”

Email: pr@dover.gov.uk

Patient and Public Advisory Group Vacancies




Please see the message below from Transforming health and social care in Kent and Medway, which is a partnership of all the NHS organisations in Kent and Medway, Kent County Council and Medway Council who are working together to develop and deliver the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for our area. Further details are available on their website https://kentandmedway.nhs.uk/latest-news/vacancies-on-our-patient-and-public-advisory-group/.

We have five vacancies on the Patient and Public Advisory Group for the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).

The Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) advises the STP Programme Board  and workstreams on their developing plans and on their engagement with the public.   

We need someone from each of the following boroughs:

·         Canterbury

·         Dover

·         Gravesham

·         Swale

·         Thanet.  

We would like to strengthen the diversity of the group’s membership, and would welcome applications from:

·         people from ethnic minorities

·         people with disabilities

·         young people. 

Requirements.  We need people who:

·         are committed to helping and supporting the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) to be successful in its vision to deliver the best possible health and care for Kent and Medway

·         are willing and able to speak up and comment on plans for how health and care is delivered for the benefit of the whole population of Kent and Medway

·         have some experience or knowledge of health and/or social care services

·         have the ability to work in a team and to advise and comment in a timely and constructive way

·         are willing to gather views from, and share public information with, their own contacts and groups where relevant.

The group meets once a month, currently on a Wednesday morning in Faversham and communicates by email in-between meetings.  Some members also offer to attend other meetings for specific areas of work.  This is a voluntary role but travel expenses are covered.  

If people are interested in applying, but the meeting arrangements aren’t convenient, they should still apply as we may be able to find other ways for them to participate.   

All the relevant information, including the application form, is on our website.     

The deadline for applications is 3 September 2018 and they should be sent to:   

Claire Lloyd- Cowtan, Programme Administrator, Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Email: claire.lloyd-cowtan@nhs.net

Post:  Kent and Medway STP, Magnitude House, New Hythe Lane, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 6WT

The interviews will be on 7 and 14 September.  Location to be advised.

Eastry Parish Council Standing Orders 2018

A copy of the Eastry Parish Council Standing Orders 2018 (England) is available for download or view on this website here.


The Local Account for Kent Adult Social Care 'Here for you, how did we do?"

Please find links below to the Local Account for Kent Adult Social Care ‘Here for you, how did we do?’ April 2016 - March 2017 which describes the achievements, improvements and challenges faced by Kent Adult Social Care during the past year as we have continued to transform our services. It also sets out our vision for the future.

We see the Local Account as an important way in which people can challenge and hold us to account and this is the sixth year that it has been developed in partnership with people who use our services, their carers, voluntary organisations and service providers as well as members, district councils and staff.

Many people played a crucial role in putting this Local Account together and we would like to thank you if you contributed to this either through providing us with your feedback or taking part in meetings to let us know the areas that were important to you.

We will continue to listen to and work with people in Kent to build a sustainable Adult Social Care Service for the future and we will continue to distribute the Local Account as widely as possible to give everyone the chance to read it, challenge our approach, ask questions and feedback their views.

If you have not had the opportunity to contribute to the Local Account or have been involved in the past and would like to continue to help us shape how the Local Account looks and what it includes going forward, please email us at: kentlocalaccount@kent.gov.uk letting us know how you would like to be involved.

Further copies of the Local Account can be downloaded directly from our website at: www.kent.gov.uk/localaccount where you can also find plain text and easy read versions as well. Alternatively, please contact us and we can arrange for further copies to be sent to you.

Local Account (Final)

Feedback form

Local Account (Easy Read)

Action Fraud has received several reports indicating that sellers of items on online marketplace websites are falling victim to fraud by bogus buyers. Typically, the bogus buyers contact the seller wanting to purchase the item for sale and advise they will be sending the requested amount via PayPal or other electronic payment method. The seller then receives a fake, but official looking email stating they have been paid more than the asking price and to send the difference back to the buyer’s bank account. In reality, no money has ever been sent to the seller; the bogus buyer has spoofed an email and purported to be an online payment company. All contact is then severed with the seller.

It is important to remember that selling anything could make you a target to these fraudsters however the NFIB has identified that those offering sofas, large furniture and homeware are particularly vulnerable. 

Protection Advice 

Don’t assume an email or phone call is authentic. Remember criminals can imitate any email address. Stay in control. Always use a trusted payment method online, such as Paypal, and have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for payment like bank transfers. 

Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision.  Always verify that you have received payment from the buyer before completing a sale. 

Listen to your instincts.  Criminals will try and make unusual behaviour, like overpaying, seem like a genuine mistake. 

Visit Take Five (takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/ advice/) and Cyber Aware (cyberaware.gov.uk) for more information about how to protect yourself online. 

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

NatWest Bank Scam Warning

For those of you who bank with the Nat West Bank please be aware of the latest online banking scam in an attempt to obtain your banking details. 

This scam operates via email and appears to be a legitimate email to Nat West customers, i.e. it has the logo, colours, fonts etc. that an email from the Nat West would have. The email explains that the bank wishes to update your current details for its records and states that if you do this it will give you £100 for doing so. 

This obviously is too good to believe and has been confirmed by Nat West that this is a scam and the email has nothing to do with them. 

I am only aware of attempts re Nat West customers but I am sure that any bank name may be used. 

Again as stated in previous emails if something appears too good to be true it usually is, so be aware. 

As always - stay vigilant 



PSE 59727 Andrew Judd 

Volunteer & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer,

for South East Kent Police. 

Police Station,Tufton Street, Ashford, Kent,TN23 1BT

Fraud Alert from Kent Police

False claims of Telephone Preference Service:

Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, falsely stating that they are calling from one of the well-known UK telecommunication service providers. They call victims claiming to provide a ‘Telephone Preference Service’ - an enhanced call-barring service, which includes barring international call centres.  

The fraudsters ask victims to confirm/provide their bank account details, informing them that there is a one-off charge for the service. Victims instead see monthly debits deducted from their accounts, which they have not authorised. The fraudsters often target elderly victims.  

In all instances, direct debits are set up without following proper procedure. The victim is not sent written confirmation of the direct debit instruction, which is supposed to be sent within three days.

On occasions when victims attempted to call back, the telephone number provided by the fraudster was either unable to be reached or the victim’s direct debit cancellation request was refused.

During 2017, there were 493 Action Fraud Reports relating to this fraud.  

Protect yourself:

There is only one Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The TPS is the only official UK 'do-not-call' register for opting out of live telesales calls. It is FREE to sign-up to the register. TPS never charge for registration. You can register for this service at http://www.tpsonline.org.uk.

You will receive postal confirmation of genuine direct debits. If you notice unauthorised payments leaving your account, you should contact your bank promptly.

Always be wary of providing personal information or confirming that personal information the caller already claims to hold is correct. Always be certain that you know who you talking to. If in doubt hang up immediately.

If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

The Beast Is Back!

The world’s largest inflatable obstacle course, known at The Beast, will be returning to Betteshanger Park, near Deal, for the second year this May.

The formidable inflatable obstacle course will be at the popular park from Saturday, May 26 to Monday, May 28. And it will be a world-first, 384m long course – making it over 100 metres longer and a length that has never before been attempted.

The ultimate bouncy castle experience for adults first visited Betteshanger in 2017 as one of its first UK outings. Belgian owner, HOLD MY SHOES, has since taken The Beast on a European tour, stopping at venues such as Alexandra Palace, London, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham and National Basket Ball Arena, Dublin.

The planned 384m course will be a world-first. It will be the first time Hold My Shoes has constructed The Beast course beyond the standard 272m length.

Keith Lee, Head of Programme, Betteshanger Park said: “The Beast was one of Betteshanger’s most popular events for 2017 so knew we had to bring it back for a second year. We’ve been working with HOLD MY SHOES over the last couple of months to create a bigger, more elaborate course and we are thrilled that, at 384m, it will be the longest Beast ever constructed. We hope that our visitors are as excited as we are to welcome The Beast back to Betteshanger this May.”

He continued: “We urge people to book tickets sooner rather than later as we anticipate a high demand for tickets.”

Johan Bommerez, Project Manager, HOLD MY SHOES, said: “We’re excited to be working with Betteshanger again after the enormous success of The Beast last year. We’re also proud to be presenting this setup to the public, offering an even bigger and more awesome challenge to all visitors. HOLD MY SHOES promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, and what better way of doing this than by providing endless fun on World’s Biggest Inflatable in such a beautiful surrounding?”

Tickets will be on general sale from 9am on Friday, March 23. Betteshanger Members and newsletter subscribers will benefit from a special 24-hour pre-sale.

To gain access to priority tickets, sign up to the newsletter at http://www.betteshanger-park.co.uk/the-beast

The Beast will be suitable for everyone aged 10 and over. 

For further media information on Betteshanger Sustainable Parks, please contact Lynnette Crisp at Lynnette.Crisp@betteshangerparks.co.uk or call 01304 619227

HMRC Phone Scam

We have received reports of scam phone calls from people claiming to work for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
The caller attempts to trick residents by claiming they owe large amounts of money to HMRC. They insist if the money is not paid, the resident will face court action and the police will be involved.
Please be aware that these calls are NOT being made by HMRC.

Do not disclose any personal information such as bank details or date of birth, no matter who the person claims to be.

Dealing with HMRC: scams and phishing

Report it




For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm


Rehab 4 Alcoholism is a free and impartial helpline for people troubled with drug and alcohol issues.  Rehab 4 Alcoholism aims to save lives by stopping addiction before it becomes too late. Tel: 0800 111 4108 Web: https://www.rehab4alcoholism.com

Betteshanger Café Under New Management

Visitors to Betteshanger Park, near Deal, will be able to enjoy a whole new range of food and drink at the onsite café which will be officially reopening under new management on Friday, February 9th.

Deal-based Lauren Mackenzie, business partner in local business Lillyroo’s, will be taking over the management and day-to-day operations of the busy café with the aim of offering high quality, healthy food and great service.

Having worked in the catering industry for the past eight years, Lauren brings a vast amount of experience to the new venture. She studied and trained locally at East Kent College, polished her skills at Buckingham Palace and has worked as a Pastry Chef.

Lauren joined family business Lillyroo’s, an eco-friendly café in a converted Volkswagen campervan, three years ago. The fully-licenced mobile café has been a huge success, serving artisan pastries, freshly ground coffees and fine teas at a range of events and private functions around Kent. Lillyroo’s become a regular and welcome feature at Betteshanger’s biggest events during 2017.

The experienced manager and her team will re-launch the Betteshanger Café with a new menu focusing on fresh and healthy food, using as many local suppliers and producers as possible. The offer will include a range of quality hot and cold meals, snacks, homemade cakes, finest tea (including teapigs), locally roasted coffee and cold drinks in a relaxed setting with access to free wifi.

Whether visitors are looking for a family friendly café, a refuelling point after a cycle or walk or simply fancy a good coffee and slice of homemade cake, the new owners plan to provide a friendly, welcoming space at the heart of the busy Park.

Lauren explains: "This was a fantastic opportunity and one we just couldn’t say no to. The café has such huge potential. 2018 is set to be a busy and exciting year for our new partnership with Betteshanger. We’re looking forward to meeting our customers, both old and new, over the coming weeks."

Lauren continued: "We understand that provenance of food is important and we will be recognising this in the new menu. We will sourcing much of our produce locally, including quality butchers, bakers and ice cream."

The café will employ five staff that are all from the local area, fitting with the project-wide ethos of the Betteshanger Park development to support the local economy through employment.

Richard Morsley, Betteshanger Sustainable Parks Director, said: "We have taken proactive steps to improve the quality of the offer across the Betteshanger site and we are excited to be working in partnership with Lauren and her team on this new venture. Our café is always one of the most popular places on the Park and are pleased to be able to offer our visitors a new range of healthy food options. Betteshanger is all about enjoying the outdoors, being energised and active and the food offered through the café will now match with the brand values and aspirations for the future developments of the Park. We’re in no doubt that the café changes will complement the wider offer on the Park and be welcomed by visitors old and new."

Located within Betteshanger Park, on the outskirts of Deal, the café is open from 9am every day of the week, with new extended opening times from 8am at weekends. The Lillyroo’s VW van will also be onsite during busy weekends and special events, extending the offer into the wider park.

For more information go to betteshanger-park.co.uk

As a well-known leader in your local community, we’d like to call on your grassroots knowledge and influence to help us improve awareness of brain tumours and raise funds for research into finding a cure. 

Brain tumours are indiscriminate; they can affect anyone at any age and they tear families apart. What’s more, they kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer... yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease.

There will undoubtedly be people in your local community affected by a brain tumour. You might already know who they are. They deserve our help. Becky Vines (from Shropshire) was one such person. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the young age of 23 years old. She was given just a year to live but, against the odds, gave birth to a daughter and survived for a further nine years. Sadly, she lost her fight against the disease and died at the age of 31. Christmas 2017 was her daughter Phoebe’s first without her Mum and the seven-year-old’s biggest hope is to raise as much money as possible to help scientists find a cure. 

Brain Tumour Research is a national charity striving to fund a network of dedicated research centres. We support the UK’s largest group of laboratory-based scientists progressing world-class research into brain tumours, to improve treatments, survival rates and quality of life for patients, and ultimately find a cure. We are the only national charity dedicated to research into brain tumours and campaigning to increase the national investment in brain tumour research. We rely solely on local communities like yours and the generosity of the general public. 

Here are a few simple and easy things the people you represent can do to help us fund the fight

  1. Take part in our Wear a Hat Day in March – the UK’s premier brain tumour research fundraising event. The event is being supported by businesswoman, model, actress, and television personality, Caprice, alongside actor and author, Sheila Hancock CBE. Since it started in 2010, Wear a Hat Day has raised well over £1 million.
  2. Visit our website, find out what’s happening and take part in some of the fundraising events that are taking place in your region.
  3. Spread the word by distributing some of our leaflets locally.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Help us fund the fight. Together we will find a cure. 

Yours in hope, 

Wendy O'Brien

Communications Officer 


 Brain Tumour Research

Suite 3 Shenley Pavilions

Chalkdell Drive

Shenley Wood

Milton Keynes


MK5 6LB United Kingdom 

Phone 01908 867200 

Registered charity number 1153487 (England and Wales) SC046840 (Scotland). Company limited by guarantee number 08570737

Avian influenza

Kent has earned a hard-won reputation for tough and effective biosecurity to protect plant, animal and human health.

Avian influenza (or bird flu) has recently been confirmed in wild birds in Dorset and Warwickshire, with an ‘avian influenza prevention zone’ now declared covering England.

It is vital that we all remain vigilant and report any wild birds found dead without obvious cause (especially wildfowl such as swans, geese and ducks) to the Defra helpline on
03459 33 55 77.

Any unexplained deaths amongst captive birds, such as poultry or gamebirds, should also be reported to the Animal and Plant Health Agency on
03000 20 03 01.
For further information please contact Tony Harwood (Principal Resilience Officer) 

Email Tony Harwood

Volunteer Support Wardens

Are you passionate, enthusiastic and up for a new challenge?  Do you like meeting new people, want to learn new skills and provide valuable support to local residents?  Kent County Council, working in conjunction with the Kent Association of Local Councils are recruiting Volunteer Support Warden’s in selected areas.  The role will be challenging but rewarding and you’ll be making a real difference to local communities. For more information and to find out which areas this role is being launched contact Community Wardens on 03000 413455 or visit:

Volunteer as a support warden

Online Crime & Incident Reporting

The public can now report crimes and incidents as well as non-injury road traffic collisions ONLINE directly to us through our website (www.kent.police.uk). Once a report is made to us online, the user will receive a unique reference number and a return email confirming receipt. 

We are promoting both as a test/pilot at this stage. At the end of each form is the opportunity for the public making a report to give us feedback on using the forms.  

The overall aim is to provide another choice for how the public can report crime or incidents as well as try to reduce the number of people calling 101 on non-urgent issues that could easily be dealt with through digital contact (which increasingly a lot of people prefer and have asked us to provide).

How To Shop Online Safely

Check the web address

Always check you’re on the correct website. Criminals can set up fake websites that have a similar design and web address to the genuine site.  

Is it a secure connection?

Web pages you enter personal or financial details into should display a locked padlock sign and have a web address that starts with https. This means your connection to the website is secure. 


Don't click on links or attachments within unsolicited emails. The number of online shopping related phishing emails increases significantly during the holiday period. 

Bank transfers
65% of Action Fraud reports during the 2016 Christmas period were linked to online auction sites. Don’t pay for goods or services by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person. Payments via bank transfer offer you no protection if you become a victim of fraud.

Kent residents targeted with high pressure
burglar alarm sales

We have received reports of a company using high pressure techniques to sell burglar alarms with a 5 year maintenance contract.  
One salesman demanded the 80 year old resident pay the full amount upfront.

Please look out for neighbours and report any suspicious doorstep callers to us.  

For advice on what to do if you or someone you know has been pressured into buying a product visit Citizens Advice  or telephone them on 03454 04 05 06.  

If you require work done to your home get a number of quotes. Use a reputable company who has been recommended by family or friends or use a Kent County Council approved trader via Checkatrade.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Neighbourhood Watch - Kent Trading Standards Fraud Warning

Kent Trading Standards warn residents about criminals pretending to be Trading Standards officers to defraud vulnerable victims out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How the fraud works 

The criminal visits or calls residents who have previously been victims of crime claiming to be a Trading Standards officer using false identification.

They tell the resident that following a Trading Standards investigation into their previous complaint they are entitled to compensation.

They tell the resident they need to pay some money to release the compensation awarded by the Court. 

Some residents are being told they must also pay the VAT that wasn’t paid from the original crime

What to do

Tell the caller you need to speak to a friend or relative and hang up. 

If they are at your door politely say you need to speak to a friend or relative and close the door.  

REMEMBER: Trading Standards will NEVER ask for cash and you would NEVER be asked to pay money to receive compensation.  

WARNING: Telephone callers may insist you hang up and check their ID by calling a number they give to you.  This is part of the fraud. Criminals stay on the line and pretend to be Trading Standards to verify the caller.  Report these calls to Kent Police at your local Police station.  

Residents that have previously been victims of doorstep crime are particularly at risk so please warn neighbours, friends and/or relatives if you think they may be targeted.  

PSE 59727 Andrew Judd 

Volunteer & Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer,

for South East Kent Police. 

Police Station,Tufton Street, Ashford, Kent,TN23 1BT 

Internal 092151

External 01233 896151

Mobile 07980965236 


Doorstep Criminals Claiming To Be Trading Standards Officers

Do you know anyone with an interest in wild plants or who would like to learn more about them? As the weather warms and the days get longer we are looking for people to help us.

The National Plant Monitoring Scheme is helping us to understand what is happening to different habitats across the UK and is set to run for a number of years. The Scheme has been running for two survey seasons and over 900 volunteers have signed up and been out surveying. One of the reasons the scheme has enjoyed such good success in attracting volunteers is because of the support of local parish councils. Many of these volunteers are new to plant surveying and have found the scheme accessible, are enjoying taking part and are exploring places to close to them and finding out new things. Volunteers are supported by materials which are sent to them, online resources and free training courses.

Do you know somebody who enjoys being outside? There are still opportunities to get involved with the scheme as a volunteer. In fact the more volunteers we have the more information is generated allowing us to get an even better understanding of what is happening in the landscape.

Who we are and what we need:

This scheme is a partnership between Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI); JNCC; Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and Plantlife and is backed by the government. Volunteers are recruited and supported to survey 5 plots in a kilometre square close to where they live. The plots will be surveyed twice a year. The kilometre squares to monitor have been identified by stratified random sampling. The plants have been chosen as indicators of the health of individual habitats. There are 3 levels volunteers can participate at depending on confidence and knowledge and support will be provided both through training; web and telephone.

More help please:

Across Kent there are still 58 squares available to survey. 

We would be hugely grateful if you can use your communication channels to promote the scheme again using the NPMS flyer (http://www.npms.org.uk/sites/www.npms.org.uk/files/PDF/NPMS flyer.pdf).

The live map on the NPMS website shows the squares that are available: http://www.npms.org.uk/square-near-me-public?dynamic-return_all_squares=true

We particularly need to promote the scheme in remote areas as well as areas contain including those with coastal and upland habitats.  

To sign up please visit www.npms.org.uk or for further information please email support@npms.org.uk or phone 01722 342743.

Thank you for your support 


Hayley New

NPMS Volunteer Coordinator

Direct Dial: 01722 342743

Mobile: 07464 318949

14 Rollestone St, Salisbury, SP1 1DX 

Click here to support our call for flower-rich road verges


Fraudsters sending scam bank letters to Lloyds Bank customers

We have received reports of fraudsters sending scam letters to Lloyds Bank customers claiming there have been some unusual transactions on their personal account and asking customers to telephone a number to confirm their identity.

When victims call the number, an automated welcome message is played and the caller is asked to enter their card number, account number and sort code followed by their date of birth.

Please do not dial the telephone number from the letter or disclose any of your personal details.

If you receive correspondence from your bank and are unsure whether it is genuine, telephone your bank directly.

Find out about the different types of scams and how you can spot one.

Friends against scams aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to ‘Take a stand against scams’.


Become a Friend Against Scams

For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Beware of scam emails offering tax refunds

We have received reports of customers receiving scam emails claiming to be from HMRC. The email claims the customer is eligible for a tax refund and asks them to click on a web link to confirm their tax refund.
What happens if I click on the link?
You could be tricked into handing over sensitive information
Clicking on the link may take you to a fake website where you’ll be tricked into giving scammers your private information including bank details, logins and passwords.
You could download spyware or a virus to your computer
Clicking on the link may download a virus or spyware to your computer. Viruses can cause deletion and corruption of data whilst spyware can be used to capture private information used for identity theft and fraud.  

Use email safely

For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Maidstone Borough Council Phone scam

Kent County Council has received reports of scam phone calls from people claiming to work for Maidstone Borough Council.

The caller attempts to ask about a recent accident the resident has been in.

Please be aware that these calls are NOT being made by Maidstone Borough Council.
Please do not disclose any personal information such as bank details, no matter who the person claims to be.
Find out how to spot a scam on our website.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Electrical Goods Scam

We have received reports of people being approached in car-parks or near cash points and being asked if they would like to purchase a mobile phone or laptop for a discounted price.
The item appears legitimate and the person is shown the receipt, however when the victim hands over the cash the seller attempts to trick the individual by swapping the item in the bag with something of a similar weight. 
Report scams to us.

Report to Action Fraud

For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Identity fraud alert

We have received reports of personal details being stolen from paperwork that has been thrown away by people living in the Swale area. 

Please make sure that any personal information such as letters and documents that include bank account details, driving licence details, local council account details, NHS personal details and catalogue details are shredded before you throw them away.
We are also aware that some residents' have received scam letters from various banks and credit card companies confirming that a new account has been opened in their name.
If you have received one of these letters, please report it to the bank or credit card company the letter is from and Action Fraud.

Report to Action Fraud

For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Age Concern Volunteers Wanted!

Blue Badge Scam

We continue to receive reports of bogus Blue Badge websites offering to assist with applications and charging £49 for a Blue Badge.

These websites are not associated with the Blue Badge Service and the application form supplied by these websites is not accepted by Local Authorities. 

The official Blue Badge costs £10. 

Information about the Blue Badge scheme including how to apply or renew a Blue Badge can be found by visiting the Kent County Council website.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

New National '105' Phone Number for Power

On 6th September a new national phone number “105” will be launched by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.  See the leaflet here

Key points to note about this service are:

·         Dialling 105 will put customers through to their local electricity network operator – the company that manages the cables, power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in their area.

·         105 is just one of the ways that customers can contact their electricity network operator. They can also contact them by phone or via their website, and most network operators are on social media too.

·         105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales.

·         Customers can call 105 no matter who they choose to buy electricity from.

·         Customers can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put anyone in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, they should call the emergency services too. 

A consumer awareness campaign will run from September through to next spring and will include PR, media advertising, social media and coordinated messaging through partner channels. 

Vulnerable customers who would like to sign up to our Priority Services Register can still call 0800 169 9970, email psr@ukpowernetworks.co.uk or apply online at www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/priority

Peter Kocen - Public Affairs Manager

HMRC Scam targeting Kent residents

We have received reports of scam telephone calls claiming to be from HMRC, requesting outstanding payments from residents or offering rebates.

Please be aware that these calls are NOT being made by HMRC and that scammers may be using caller ID spoofing equipment to make the call appear genuine. 

HMRC offers guidance on spotting scams and suspicious communications.

Please do not disclose any personal information such as bank details, no matter who the person claims to be.

If you receive one of these scam telephone calls please report it to us.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Watch Out for the No Hang-Up Telephone Scam!

We have received reports of a scammer targeting residents with the 'no hang-up' telephone scam.

The no hang-up scam is where the fraudster keeps the line open, spoofs a dial tone and the fraudster’s accomplice answers and impersonates whoever the victim thinks they are trying to call.

If you receive a call you are not expecting, be wary. Never disclose any personal information such as bank details to anyone over the telephone, no matter who the caller claims to be.

Have you received a similar call?


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Cold Caller Impersonating a Police Officer

We have received reports of a scammer telephoning residents and saying they are a Police officer.
The man claims that the resident’s debit or credit card has been scammed and asks for the resident to confirm their details.
Please do not disclose any personal information such as bank details to anyone over the telephone no matter who they claim to be.
Have you received a similar telephone scam? Report it to us.


For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Council Accounts - Your Rights

To download, please click on each of the images below:

Would You like Your Parish Council to Have the Right to Appeal Planning Decisions?

If you would like Eastry Parish Council to have the right to appeal planning decisions then please sign the petition here:


Thank you.

Changes to Parking Prices

The new charges come into effect on 8th February:

Do you know your Consumer Rights?

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1st October 2015. The law is now clearer and easier to understand, meaning that consumers can buy and businesses can sell with confidence. When problems arise, consumers and businesses will be able to sort out disputes quickly and it will cost less. There is a lot to it but here are the top things to know and the most significant changes.

The Consumer Rights Act covers:

1) What should happen when goods are faulty

2) What should happen when digital content is faulty

3) What should happen if a service is not carried out with reasonable care and skill or

as agreed

Faulty goods

Consumers are now entitled to a full refund if goods they purchased become faulty within the first 30 days.

What are my new digital content rights?

New digital content rights means that consumers now have a right to a repair or a replacement if digital content such as online films, games, music downloads and ebooks are faulty. This is the first time that rights on digital content are set out in legislation.

Services not provided with reasonable care and skill or as agreed

For the first time the law sets out that if the business does not carry out a service with reasonable care or skill, or as agreed, they must bring that service in line, or if it is not practical, give some money back to the consumer.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, what does it mean?

The new legislation helps consumers and businesses avoid disagreements and also makes it easier to settle disputes if they arise. Alternative Dispute Resolution, for example through an Ombudsman, can offer a quicker and cheaper way of resolving disputes and help avoid using the Courts to resolve a disagreement.

For more information on your Consumer Rights visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/ or contact Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Funeral Choice

Funeral Choice is a comparison website where Funeral Directors costs can be identified on a post code basis.

This useful public tool allows the bereaved an anonymous search that will assist them in identifying and controlling funeral costs. No advertising appears on this site.

Click on the Funeral Choice logo above for more information.

Public Access Defibrillator - Eastry Village Hall

Eastry Parish Council have had a Public Access Defibrillator installed outside Eastry Village Hall as part of a national scheme to increase the number of Automatic External Defibrillators for use in emergency situations. The unit is situated on the external wall overlooking the car park. It is in a heated cabinet that needs a code to open. This code will be provided by the ambulance service when you dial 999 to ask for assistance.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of premature death, but with immediate treatment many lives can be saved. SCA occurs because the electrical rhythm that controls the heart is replaced by a chaotic disorganised electrical rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). The quicker VF can be treated by defibrillation the greater the chance of successful resuscitation. Seconds count, and the ambulance service is unlikely to arrive quickly enough to resuscitate most victims.

Many SCA victims can be saved if persons nearby recognise what has happened, summon the ambulance service with the minimum of delay, perform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (particularly chest compressions) and use an AED to provide a high energy electric shock to restore the heart’s normal rhythm. Each of these stages is a link in a chain of events that provide the best chance of success, but the critical factor is the speed with which the shock is given.

AEDs are easy to use, compact, portable and very effective. They are designed to be used by lay persons; the machines guide the operator through the process by verbal instructions and visual prompts. They are safe and will not allow a shock to be given unless the heart’s rhythm requires it. They are designed to be stored for long periods without use and require very little routine maintenance.

AEDs have been installed in many busy public places, workplaces, or other areas where the public have access. The intention is to use the machines to restart the heart as soon as possible. This strategy of placing AEDs in locations where they are used by lay persons near the arrest is known as public access defibrillation (PAD). Training to use an AED is an extension of the first aid skills possessed by first aid personnel and appointed persons. AEDs have been used successfully by untrained persons, and lack of training should not be a deterrent to their use.

Guide to AED use here...

Dog Microchipping Became Law in April 2016 - Has Your Dog Been Chipped?

Dog owners are reminded that new laws mean all dogs must be microchipped from 6 April 2016 – and to help support local communities, Dover District Council is offering free dog microchipping at events and venues across Dover, Deal and Sandwich. 

The events will offer people the chance to get their pets microchipped, to find out  about the new rules, and to meet the dog warden team. Visitors will also be able to find out more about the new Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) that come into operation from 27 July.   

Cllr Trevor Bartlett, DDC Cabinet Member for Property Management and Public Protection said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this free service to help people ahead of the introduction of the new legislation. Microchipping is a great idea, it helps authorities to trace the owners of missing dogs, and is an important part of responsible dog ownership.” 

For more information on our dog warden service, please see the DDC website at www.dover.gov.uk/Environment/Environmental-Crime/Dog-Warden.aspx

Southern Water's Metering Programme

This is a large scale programme, which has affected all of our customers, and your support has been vital to the programme’s success.  

In your area 

In Kent we have installed more than 133,500 meters. The majority of these meters have been installed outside customers’ homes in the public footpath.  

Our installation teams are now working to fit meters inside customers’ homes. Although most meters are installed outside, it is not always possible because, for example, the property shares a service pipe with other properties. 

If we need to fit a meter inside a customer’s home, we will hand-deliver an appointment card and ask the customer to contact us as soon as possible to arrange a convenient date and time for us to install the meter.

Everyone working on Southern Water’s metering programme carries identification and customers should always ask to see this before allowing anyone into their home. If customers are suspicious they should telephone Southern Water on 0845 278 0845 to confirm the employee’s identity. 


To date, 62 per cent of households are saving, on average, £12 a month. To help the remaining 38 per cent whose bills have increased we have introduced support tariffs.  

The Changeover Tariff is available to all customers. On this tariff the increase in metered charges will be phased-in gradually over three years to give households time to adjust to their metered charges and understand how to manage their water use and bills. 

We have also introduced the Support Tariff to help customers whose bills go up on a water meter and who have genuine difficulty in paying. To move on to the Support Tariff, customers must agree to a free Home Saver Check carried out by a Green Doctor who fits free water efficiency devices such as tap aerators and low consumption shower heads.

Since 2010, the Green Doctors have visited more than 48,000 households and distributed 156,000 water-saving products. This has resulted in a predicted average saving of 20 litres of water per household a day. 

Green Doctors are also able to arrange for customers in hardship to receive advice from IncomeMAX - an independent organisation which advises customers what benefits they are entitled to. Since 2010, IncomeMAX has helped customers secure more than £3 million in benefits.  

More information 

If you, or your colleagues have further questions and would like more information about metering in your area please contact Sarah Jones on 01732 375409 so we can arrange a face-to-face briefing or a group presentation.  

You can also find out more information by visiting our website www.southernwater.co.uk/metering, calling our dedicated Metering Customer Contact Centre 0333 2003 015 or by following us on Twitter @SouthernWater.  

Yours sincerely 

Susan Stockwell - Chief Customer Officer, Southern Water

Kent Police Produce New Leaflet "Shutting the Gate on Rural Crime"

Please click on the image below for the full leaflet:

Community Resilience and Emergency Planning

In the past Eastry Parish Council led an emergency planning committee that was made up of members of the community and local groups that had links within the local area. This Committee folded about 8 years ago when support for emergency plans from principle authorities lessened. However with the increase in severe weather events and following the major power cuts last winter both Dover District Council and Kent County Council are now encouraging Parishes to develop and maintain Emergency Plans for their area. These cover a broad range of emergencies such as flooding, power cuts, severe weather e.g. snow and major road accidents in the community. Given the impacts of the storms and flooding last winter it would seem sensible for Eastry to develop such a plan.  

The Parish Council is looking for local people to become part of the Community Emergency Team, supported by the Parish Council to help with the production of an Emergency Plan for Eastry and to then enact the plan should it become necessary.  

The Community Emergency Team will encourage local residents to provide information, voluntary help and resources to assist with any perceived emergency. The Parish Council in partnership with Community Emergency Team will prepare and maintain such information as follows: 

Volunteers: Organisations and individuals who already volunteer, or who would be prepared to volunteer in an emergency. 

Equipment: Tools and machinery which might be needed in an emergency and people qualified, capable and willing to operate them. 

Supplies: Food, water and medical supplies and local suppliers and businesses who would be willing to provide them. 

Transport: Vehicles which could be used by the community in emergency. Drivers willing and able to help with the distribution of supplies. 

There is a lot of training available in this area and full support would be offered by the Parish Council and the principle authorities covering this area.  

If you would like more information or to become part of the Community Emergency Team please contact Sarah Wells, Clerk to the Parish Council.



Eastry Village Hall

Eastry Village Hall now has its own website. Please see http://www.eastryvillagehall.org

Finding Care Made Easier in Kent

The new 2014/15 Kent Care Directory is now available. The Directory is packed with useful editorial that explains all available care options and includes comprehensive listings of care providers for residential care or care in your own home. There is also guidance on paying for care and what financial assistance is available from the Government. 

Robert Chamberlain, Publisher of the Care Choices Directories, comments ‘When choosing care you should be armed with the most up-to-date information to help you decide which kind of care is most suitable, who will provide it and how it is to be funded. The Care Services Directory is an invaluable source of information for anyone considering long term care’. 

If you want to speak to someone about care options, funding, accessing services or other care-related questions you may have, call this directory’s free helpline on   0800 38 92 077. The friendly operators can give you more information, talk through any queries and provide you with a shortlist of care homes, in your chosen location, that meet specific care needs. 

To receive a free copy of the 2014/14 Kent Care Directory simply call Kent County Council on 03000 416161. 

It is also available in e-book format with a spoken word option via www.carechoices.co.uk

·          Care Choices Ltd was established in 1993 and is a leading publisher of care directories for Councils across the UK.  

·          The listings of care providers contained in Care Choices’ publications are supplied by the regulatory body Care Quality Commission. 

·          Kent County Council are a distributor of the Care Choices Directory which is available free of charge to members of the public.

Future Secured for Dover's Fort Burgoyne

An historic fort built in the 1860s to protect Dover Castle has had its future secured thanks to an agreement between national land management charity, The Land Trust and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

Fort Burgoyne, originally known as Castle Hill Fort, was built in 1861 at a cost of £88,053, but was never called upon to defend Dover Castle and until now has never been accessible to the public.  On taking ownership of the fort and the surrounding green space, The Land Trust will begin a discussion with local communities, including residents, local business and heritage groups, about how the site should be managed.

Operations Director Matthew Bradbury said, ‘We’re excited about taking on the ownership of this very special site and are keen to work with local people to ensure that we preserve the fantastic heritage of the fort and help people feel connected to and involved with its future. ‘

The Land Trust is a charity which exists to provide sustainable long-term solutions for land in order to benefit local people.  Many of our sites across the country really contribute to bringing communities together to enable them to experience the benefits of outdoor spaces.  That is our aim with Fort Burgoyne.’

‘We have lots of exciting ideas about how we will manage the fort, but we are very open-minded and are really looking forward to working with the local community and to hearing their thoughts.  The most important thing is that the fort continues to be part of what makes Dover unique and special, and that the local people feel involved with managing the fort in a way that they haven’t been able to before.

The HCA has transferred the ownership of 42 ha of land as well as a sum of money which will be invested and used to manage the site in perpetuity.

Naisha Polaine, Head of Area for Essex and Kent at the HCA, said:  “This is a positive step for local businesses and the community in Dover, who will be involved in bringing the fort back to life in a way that’s relevant to the area and local people.  It is a spectacular site, so it is great that it will be opened up for public benefit.”

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, said: ‘I am delighted that the future of Fort Burgoyne has been secured thanks to this agreement with The Land Trust.  We look forward to working with The Land Trust and local people to unlock the potential of one of Dover’s great heritage assets.  This provides a unique opportunity for the community to be involved in opening up this historic site, and cementing the district’s reputation as having one of the finest collections of publicly accessible castles and fortifications in the country.’

Maurice Raraty, chairman of the Kent History Federation also welcomed the news, ‘It’s good to see Fort Burgoyne about to get some care and attention.  It will be a welcome addition to the attractions of Dover, to complement Dover Castle and the White Cliffs emphasising the historically pivotal position occupied by Dover in the defence of this island against a variety of continental armies.’

Dover District Council, Dover Jobcentre Plus & Partners Sign Joint Working Agreement

Dover District Council, Dover Jobcentre Plus, and Work Programme providers have signed a Joint Working Agreement to provide a focused approach to tackling unemployment and reducing out of work benefits.

The new agreement will help local people to access job opportunities with local employers in the Dover district, and in neighbouring districts, including promoting apprenticeships for young people. It will also offer a tailored service for local employers, helping to ensure that local people have the right skills for new jobs in the district.  

DDC and Dover Jobcentre Plus will also work together to address the barriers faced by some unemployed people in Dover.  The Work Programme providers, Avanta, G4S and Kennedy Scott, will work with the long-term unemployed. 

Recognising the impact unemployment can have on deprivation, the partners will also work closely to co-ordinate activity in areas such as community safety and education.  

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader of Dover District Council, said: “This new agreement brings together various strands of work undertaken by each of the partners so that we can provide a more cohesive package of support to help people back into work.  A number of major projects in the district are coming to fruition and we want to ensure that local people are best placed to make the most of these new opportunities.”   

Alison Culshaw, Customer Service Operations Manager, Dover Jobcentre Plus, said: “By working together and joining forces, we will ensure that local jobseekers are in a better position to secure employment. Through doing so and working closely with local employers to understand their needs, we can ensure that unemployed people are prepared and have the skills employers are looking for.”

Dover District Council Provide Flood Support Scheme Information

Repair and Renew Grants - homeowner process

Business Support Scheme - business owner procedure

Business Support Scheme - business owner procedure

Council Tax discount scheme - homeowner procedure

Other Flood Support Schemes - DDC website

Flood Support Schemes

National Flood Forum

Valuable Information Regarding Domestic Abuse

A valuable document has been prepared about domestic abuse, which contains contact details for support. Although the document was primarily written in the context of domestic abuse associated with the World Cup it is invaluable for reference.

Please read the document here...

Please Help Us Gather Some Information & Measure Impact

We are doing a bit of 'housekeeping' here at the moment and have two surveys open - one asking how people use our information services and if they find them valuable and one trying to measure the amount of work being done by our sector within East Kent and the impact which would result if charities had to close their services.

Read in browser »
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Kent Police Contact Points

Kent Police Contact Points provide an opportunity for residents to meet our neighbourhood officers and discuss any concerns they may have.
The following is information about the Contact points:

Do you need to speak to a neighbourhood officer?

Visit one of our Police Contact Points, available in nearly 200 locations across the county.

Police Contact Points are held each day from Wednesday through to Sunday, mainly in rural locations, on a rolling two-week schedule.

Our police vans stop at a prominent location for one hour per visit; come along to talk to a neighbourhood officer about any policing concerns you may have, to get safety advice or to collect a free crime prevention item.

For times and locations of the Police Contact Points near you, visit www.kent.police.uk/policecontactpoints


Residents can raise concerns & speak to local PCSOs at a @kent_police #PoliceContactPoint this week -> find out when http://bit.ly/1268F6p
You can also speak to @kent_police at a #PoliceContactPoint. View times/locations in your area every 2 wks - http://bit.ly/1268F6p

Shared Lives

Shared Lives, run by Kent County Council, is a scheme based on the model for fostering, but for Vulnerable Adults. 

It's a person centred, tailor made service which we are now extending to people living with dementia; for day support, short breaks or longer term stays.    This is an alternative choice for people living with dementia as opposed to the more traditional ‘residential’ type setting. 

We are very keen to promote and raise awareness of Shared Lives in your area, as well as recruiting for Shared Lives Hosts - If you feel you could help and would like to find out more about this service please vote ‘yes’ or feel free to call the scheme on 01233 652401.


Mobile Phone Security

There have been a number of new Phone and Xbox products recently released on the market and as we run up to Christmas it is timely to remind everyone to protect your mobile 'phone.

Follow these easy steps:

Record your 'phone's unique IMEI number in case it gets lost or stolen:

  • Type *#06# into your 'phone to find its IMEI number
  • Keep the number somewhere safe or register it online at www.immobilise.com
  • Security mark your 'phone with a UV pen or forensic marking solution
  • When out store valuables securely in a zipped pocket or bag
  • Don't leave valuable items on display or unattended

Kent County Council Introduce the "Freight Gateway"

The Kent Freight Gateway is a web-based route planner that aims to help HGV drivers and transport managers plan their routes when travelling to or within Kent. It provides journey planning and local stopping and parking information to the commercial vehicle industry, local businesses and the public.

Please read the flyer here...

Healthwatch Kent


A FREE service is now available for all Kent residents to help them find which health and social care services are available for them.  The service is part of Healthwatch Kent, a new independent consumer champion for people who use Kent’s many health and social care services.

Healthwatch’s Information and Signposting dedicated service is available to everyone and will help people to find the services that they require within the complex NHS system in Kent.   

You can call them anytime on Freephone 0808 801 0102, alternatively email your enquiry to info@healthwatchkent.co.uk .

Talking about the service, Healthwatch’s Charlie Fox said, “We are getting calls and providing assistance to people from all over the county.  For example, one customer had been struggling to find a local dentist with a winch to lift him from his wheel chair.  Our team tracked one down for him and provided all the information he needed to make an appointment.  We know how complicated it can be to find your way around the health and social care system.  Our team of trained staff can take the worry away and find the answers for you.  I have no doubt that once people are more aware of our service then we can be of assistance to hundreds of people every week.”

Healthwatch Kent also wants to hear about peoples’ views and their experiences of local health and social care services.  It will take your voice to the people who commission services in Kent and help to shape the future of health and social care services.  To get involved visit our website at www.healthwatchkent.co.uk

The team is based from, and supported by, Kent and Medway Citizen’s Advice (KAMCA).

You can download the Press Release here...

Kent Highways Fault Reporting

Kent Highways Services operate a 24-hour, 7-day a week fault reporting service where any problems on the roads or footways such as potholes, faulty street lights, faulty traffic signals, overgrown trees or broken signs can be reported.

You can report by telephone on: 0300 333 5539, or online here.

If you see a problem please use this service as it will speed up resolution of any problem as issues reported to the Parish Council are reported in exactly the same way, but may be delayed as the Parish Council offices are only open on a part-time basis.

Finding Care Made Easier in Kent

The new 2013/14 Kent Care Services Directory is now available. The Directory is packed with useful editorial that explains all available care options and includes comprehensive listings of care providers for residential care or care in your own home. There is also guidance on paying for care and what financial assistance is available from the Government.

Robert Chamberlain, Publisher of the Care Choices Directories, comments ‘When choosing care you should be armed with the most up-to-date information to help you decide which kind of care is most suitable, who will provide it and how it is to be funded. The Care Services Directory is an invaluable source of information for anyone considering long term care’. 

If you want to speak to someone about care options, funding, accessing services or other care-related questions you may have, call this directory’s free helpline on   0800 38 92 077. The friendly operators can give you more information, talk through any queries and provide you with a shortlist of care homes, in your chosen location, that meet specific care needs. 

To receive a free copy of the 2013/14 Kent Care Services Directory simply call Kent County Council Social Services on 0300 333 5433. 

It is also available in e-book format with a spoken word option via www.carechoices.co.uk  

  • Care Choices Ltd was established in 1993 and is a leading publisher of care directories for Councils across the UK.
  • The listings of care providers contained in Care Choices’ publications are supplied by the regulatory body Care Quality Commission.
  • Kent County Council are a distributor of the Care Choices Directory which is available free of charge to members of the public.

White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts Runs Groundbreaking Scheme

Nineteen local families have ‘graduated’ from a pioneering new education initiative currently running in Dover District, proven to help children achieve more in schools and strengthen their relationships with their families.  

Parents and carers, and their children aged three to eight who attend White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts in Dover have successfully completed an eight-week Families and Schools Together (FAST) programme.  The children and their families were presented with certificates and congratulated at an event held at the school on Thursday (18 July).  

The FAST programme, backed by Save the Children and delivered locally by a range of partners including Dover District Council, supports families by working with parents and children in schools and has been endorsed by the United Nations.  This programme has been funded by Morrisons, as part of its Charity of the Year partnership.  

FAST aims to provide a fun and relaxed space for families to experience a mixture of play and learning activities, hands on coaching and support for parents and carers. The initiative has high success rates in improving family relationships and links between home, school and the local community.  

Sue Fotheringham, Head Teacher at White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts said: “We have worked with these families and have formed stronger bonds with them. The project has had a significant impact in raising the confidence of our parents resulting in an improvement in family life for them.” 

Cllr Sue Chandler, DDC Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said: “We are grateful to Save the Children for working with Dover as the first non-metropolitan area to host the FAST programme, and to the children, families, and community partners who have shown such enthusiasm for the project.  We are proud to be partners in the delivery of the FAST project in Dover.” 

Anna Kettley, Head of Programmes for South of England at Save the Children said: "The programme has been a great success at White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts. Parents have the biggest influence on their children’s learning and development and FAST gives families the opportunity to build on this. We believe that every child should have a fair chance to do the best they can at school and that every family should have access to proper support in their local area.”

Dover District Volunteering

"We are currently trying to promote our transport scheme throughout the Dover District and in particular some of the smaller Parishes...

The Community Transport scheme provides an essential volunteer led car scheme enabling people to attend hospital appointments, GP's and Dental appointments, as well as visit relatives, go shopping or other social appointments. Unfortunately across Dover district, public transport is not always an option for some people. This can be because of personal circumstances, disability, or simply because there is no public transport available. Our Transport Scheme is there to enable you to get to those places that help you remain independent. 

The Befriending scheme helps those individuals who are housebound or feel isolated to retain a link with the outside world. A volunteer Befriender will visit once a week and help relieve feelings of loneliness. "


Do you meet vulnerable people and families who are in housing difficulty? We can help...  

Kent County Council commissions floating support services in Kent that support vulnerable people with their housing problems.  The service is free and covers every district and borough in Kent.  Floating support can help for up to a year those people whose housing situation is vulnerable because they are:

  • facing or threatened with eviction
  • Experiencing harassment
  • Experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse
  • Needing to make a transition to a new tenancy either in the private rented or social rented sector
  • Rough sleeping (including sofa surfing)
  • Leaving institutional care e.g. prison, long stay hospital,
  • 16/17 years old

As well as resolving the immediate problem floating support can help with applying for welfare benefit, budgeting, accessing help or other services, finding work/training and settling into the community. It doesn't matter where or how they are living in Kent; whether they are renting, own their own home or are lodging with relatives, even if they are sleeping rough, we can help .

We have a broad range of specialist providers who are able to deliver this important preventative work and we encourage all those who meet parents families and individuals who are in housing difficulty to make use of this free service. This free resource is available to help and we'd like to ask for your support to pass this message on to parishes who may wish to include mention in their town or parish magazines. People in need can apply themselves or can have a family member or friend apply on their behalf. You can make a referral by filling in the two-sided form on our website.

www.kent.gov.uk/supportingpeople and go to "How to apply"

or go along to your local Gateway where staff will be pleased to help.

 One of our highly skilled providers who will get in touch before working with the individual. They will work with that person or family for up to a year to achieve their goals, and leave them better able to manage their own affairs.

Floating support can really help to bring stability to vulnerable people and get back on their feet.  But don't just take our word for it. Read John's story below about how floating support helped him.

We look forward to being able to help you and your parishioners.

John's story 

John is in his 50’s, and sleeping on successive friends' sofas after his relationship broke down and he'd become dependent on alcohol. He was in despair when he arrived at a Floating Support Drop In at his local Gateway.

As well as nowhere to call home, he had no money or benefits coming in, found forms and paperwork difficult to deal with and couldn’t use his hand properly after a recent operation. He also wanted to get control over his drinking. 

Floating support got to work to help John to

  • Access a walk-in surgery straightaway to deal with his hand, then register with a GP to gain the medical certificate he needed
  • Gather all information and identification required and helped him through the process to apply for benefits
  • Visit the local housing department to apply for housing and housing advice
  • Apply for housing including private letting and supported accommodation
  • Get supplies from local food bank
  • Get in touch with advice, detox and rehabilitation services to take control of his alcohol intake.

Not only have the practical things improved, but John's self-esteem is building and he's getting his life back on track after years of difficulty

“I would not know where to begin if I had not come into the Drop In"

 Floating Support


  0300 333 5433

Eastry Parish Council on Twitter!

You can now "Tweet" Eastry Parish Council: @EastryPC.

Kent Jobs for Kent's Young People

Are you looking to expand your business? Worried about skills shortages and employee costs? If your business employs less than 250 people, Kent County Council could help you employ an apprentice and help pay for them in the process!

Hiring an apprentice gives you the chance to build the skills you need for your business, and helps a young person get their foot on the career ladder. Find out how to access £2000 of KCC funding (and maybe even more with National Funding) to expand your business today.

Contact the Kent Employment Programme team on 0800 1018224, email kep@kent.gov.uk or visit www.kent.gov.uk/kentjobs4kyp.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Following reports of dogs biting people and attacking other dogs being walked by owners, Kent Police in Dover has released the following advice: 

Key points in Responsible Dog Ownership

Train your dog in basic obedience so it is under control at all times.

Train your dog to go to the toilet at home - if your pet accidentally fouls in public make sure that you clean it up.

Always have a poop scoop or plastic bag ready when you walk your dog.

Make sure your dog is kept on a lead when in public. It is an offence for your dog to roam the streets. There are financial penalties if your dog is picked up by a dog warden and impounded.

Take your dog to the vet regularly for its vaccinations.

Ensure your dog receives a healthy well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. A healthy pet is a happy pet and a happy pet is a loving companion.

Don't let your dog become a nuisance to your neighbours.

Make sure your dog has a collar and tag.

Worm your dog regularly and groom it frequently. Check for fleas on your dog and seek your vet's advice for treatment.

If you do not want your dog to have pups, make sure it is neutered.

If you are confronted by an angry dog, consider the following points:
  • Stop moving towards the dog
  • Stay calm
  • Talk to the dog calmly in a pleasant tone of voice
  • Get something as solid as possible between you and the dog
  • Watch the dog – but do not stare into his/her face
  • You may need to move, either behind something or to get away from the dog
  • Do not make sudden movements or run, just walk slowly away from the dog
  • Fend the dog off rather than try to fight back
  • Do not scream or yell
  • Continue to walk slowly away, backwards or sideways, looking down and sideways. 

If your dog is bitten, if there is concern for a dog or a noise issue, then contact your local authority. If you are bitten by a dog then please contact Kent Police on 01622 690690.

Kent Minerals and Waste Consultations: Community Notice

Following recent stakeholder events it was requested that there was further promotion of the chance for local communities to have their say on the current Minerals and Waste consultations. Notice of the consultations can be found here.

You can find a list of Minerals/Waste site submissions on the Minerals and Waste Development Framework websites for Minerals and Waste.

Please note the consultation includes all site proposals received from minerals and waste operators; we know not all of them will be suitable. We are seeking initial views and opinions on the sites to help us decide which sites should go into the final document and which should not.

You can view or comment on consultation documents online at: http://consult.kent.gov.uk/

More information on the Minerals and Waste Development Framework is available at: http://www.kent.gov.uk/mwdf.

Please contact the MWDF team (mwdf@kent.gov.uk) if you have any further queries.

You Could Help Save a Life

The most vulnerable members of our community are most at risk of being injured, or even dying, in a house fire - and, worst of all, it's nearly always preventable.

That is why Kent Fire & Rescue are asking Neighbourhood Watch members who have vulnerable friends, neighbours or relatives to pass on our "Freephone" number 0800 923 7000 and encourage them to contact us to book a FREE home safety visit. By helping us to reach out to people in your community you will be playing an important part in helping someone you know stay safe and independent in their own home.

A combination of factors can put someone at higher risk, so please look out for anyone you know who would tick more than one of these boxes:

  • Elderly or in poor health
  • Has mobility problems
  • Lives alone
  • Uses an old or unstable heater
  • Is a smoker or like a drink
  • Is on medication that makes them sleepy

Once the person rings us, friendly staff from the Kent Fire & Rescue Service will take down some information and if needed arrange a time to visit them in their home to offer safety advice and fit a smoke alarm. We even have a range of fire safety devices for visually and hearing impaired people, as well as other special gadgets; e.g. if someone is getting forgetful about turning off the cooker. It all takes about 30 minutes and the visit and any equipment we fit is all FREE.

Thank you.

What Happens to the Contents of Your Black Box?

After collection it is taken to Richborough. When the containers are full they are transported to a sorting facility where it is tipped onto a conveyor to a large, meshed, rotating drum. The glass crumb falls through and is collected. A magnet lifts off tins, followed by an eddy current to remove the aluminium.

This leaves plastic bottles and any contaminants. A team of people remove unwanted plastic bags and other plastics whilst glass too large for the mesh is picked off and recycled. Plastic bottles are moved to a nearby facility where a trammel spins them and shakes off the dirt. A beam of light is shone through the bottles to determine whether they are HDPE or PET. The bottles are then ground into flakes and washed, then various flake sorters remove coloured flakes and remaining contaminants. The PET is further treated to remove the top layer of the bottle and the HDPE is melted, sieved and turned into plastic pellets.

Volunteering Opportunity in Libraries

Time2Give is Kent Libraries and Archives volunteering programme, offering opportunities at over 100 libraries across Kent.  We welcome people of all ages from the Kent community and pay agreed out of pocket expenses, such as travel to the library.

The range of activities we offer is much wider than most people expect, from Computer Buddies to help customers with IT, to library gardeners to create attractive reading gardens.  Or from Knit and Natter volunteers to encourage and retain traditional crafts, to Home Library Service couriers delivering books to those who are housebound, and to their carers.  A full list of activities is attached, together with an information leaflet about Time2Give.  The leaflet is readily available at all Kent libraries and archives.

Further information, including our volunteer newsletter and volunteers own accounts of their Time2Give experience, can be found in the Libraries/Services For All section of the KCC website at www.kent.gov.uk

Application Leaflet

Current Vacancies

Nicola Browne, Project Director, CSV Consulting

Developing and managing Time2Give for Kent Libraries and Archives

 Telephone:  01622 696468      7000 6468



Time2Give, Kent Libraries and Archives HQ, Royal Engineers' Road, Maidstone ME14 2LH

Artist Seeks Rae Family Links...

James RaeLincolnshire artist, Richard Bish, is seeking links in Eastry of the Rae family, one time residents of Walton House from around 1830.

Two years ago Richard purchased three out of four Rae family portraits which were up for auction in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

The paintings were painted by Thomas Roods RA; a noted Irish artist and were of James Rae and Elizabeth Sophia Rae with daughter Rosa Margaret. The third picture was of Mary Gordon.

Regrettably the fourth picture of Miss Bennett was snapped up by a Dutch dealer and has subsequently disappeared. All the paintings were mentioned in the Will of Mary Gordon who died in 1854 and whose body lies in the Rae family vault in St Mary's.

Mary GordonFrom carrying out some research Richard has found that James Rae and his family, of Walton House, were of some significant means and possibly a doctor, as was his half-brother Dr Adam Black. James was born in 1794 in Douglas, Ayrshire.

The family wealth appears to have come from his wife and her mother, Mary Gordon, is one of the portraits in Richards possession. Her maiden name was Jemmitt; and the family were importers of sugar since 1729. They also owned a plantation on the island of Dominica, still called Jemmitt's to this day. Elizabeth Sophia Rae (nee Jemmitt) was born on the island in 1795 and married James in 1827. Elizabeth Sophia Rae

If you have any information on the Rae family and feel you can help Richard further in his quest, please contact him at richardbish273@btinternet.com .

If you are a member of the Rae family, we'd love to know more about the family's fortunes and what happened to this 19th century resident of Eastry. Maybe you can send us a photo with your story so that we can see if there's a family likeness!


Residents of Eastry "Beat the Bounds"!

Residents from Eastry gathered at the Five Bells Public House in the centre of the village on Sunday the 10th October for the tradition of Beating the Bounds.  It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and 64 people set off at 10 a.m. to cover the approximately 14 miles of the boundary of Eastry.  The walkers were fortified by refreshments kindly provided by the “Bell”.

Walkers gathering at "The Five Bells"

The walk was led by Nick Kenton, Chairman of the Parish Council stopping at a spot once marked by an ancient yew tree to sing the Old Hundredth Psalm “All people that on earth do dwell”.  Sadly the yew no longer exists but has been replaced by a beech tree and so tradition has been maintained.

Walking through Eastry Churchyard

Beating the Bounds started in ancient times and involved taking young children around the boundary of the village and effecting a memorable experience at each marker so that the child would remember the route in the future. Traditionally children were “bumped” on the stone or perhaps they had their finger pulled.

Singing "The Old 100th"

Historically, understanding the position of the boundary was of vital importance to the community, the parish church and local government. It had economic significance in defining common rights (to land, or firewood collection, for instance) and the ‘tithe’: a tenth of all crops and produce that went to the parson as a tribute to the church.

Disputes about boundaries were common, and often heated, but fortunately the “Beating” this year mostly passed without serious incident.

To own your own copy of Eastry's "Beating the Bounds" booklet, download your own copy here...

 KCC's Countryside Access Service Annual Report

This year's Annual Report from the Countryside Access Service is available here:


Many of you will have made contributions towards the research phase of the Countryside Access Improvement Plan so it is hoped that you will take this opportunity to have a read through and check the progress to date. The CAS is dedicated to customer led frontline service delivery and it is hoped you will agree real progress is being made to improve accessibility and connectivity of you local Rights Of Way Network.

Some of the sizable projects delivered this year are:

  • The successful "Walk to Win" healthy living campaign in Thanet 
  • Developing the Countywide Guided Walks Database
  • Increasing the number of Volunteer Wardens
  • Working with the Highway's Agency to construct a new Bridleway bridge over the A2 bridge at Kingston 
  • Improvements to the Darent Valley Path and Central Park Dartford
  • The creation of a new footpath in East Farleigh
  • The creation of a new footpath in Palmarsh
  • Further details of projects being worked on can be found here.

    Two current projects to draw your attention to are:

    The Volunteer Walks Database


    Destination Signs

    Public Rights of Way (PROW)

    Explore Kent logo What Are Public Rights of Way? Public rights of way are mainly paths for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. They allow people to explore and enjoy the countryside at a leisurely pace - or they can be used for short journeys such as to school, to church, to work or even to the pub!

    Kent has over 4,200 miles (6,700km) of public footpaths, bridleways and byways providing free access to the county's much loved countryside and coast. These are all managed by KCC Countryside Access Service. This includes signing and cutting of vegetation to keep the paths clear.

    Like a public road, a public right of way is a highway which anybody may use at any time. Public Rights of Way are recorded on a legal record of Public Rights of Way. Each path is classified according to who is allowed to use it and the public's rights along it. If you would like to identify a path near you, KCC have an interactive map service on their website:


    Dover District Neighbourhood Forums

    The Dover District Neighbourhood Forums are a joint initiative, enabling a new form of consultation and feedback from local communities. The aim is to give local people a chance to voice their opinions and concerns and to be able to influence decisions and to challenge the delivery of services.

    The Forums join the three tiers of local government, with equal representation from DDC members, KCC members and Town and Parish Councillors.

    There are five forums in place across the district:

    Deal and Walmer - covering: North Deal, Middle Deal, Mill Hill and Walmer.

    Dover North - covering: Aylesham, Nonington, Eythorne, Tilmanstone, Northbourne, Great Mongeham, Sutton, Ripple, Langdon, Guston, St.Margaret's at Cliffe and Ringwould with Kingsdown.

    Dover Town - covering: Buckland, St.Radigunds, Maxton Elms Vale and Priory, Town and Pier, Tower Hamlets and Castle.

    Dover West - covering: Denton with Wootton, Shepherdswell with Coldred, Lydden, Temple Ewell, Alkham, River, Capel-Le-Ferne, Hougham Without and Whitfield.

    Sandwich Area - covering: Stourmouth, Preston, Wingham, Ash, Goodnestone, Staple, Woodnesborough, Sandwich, Worth, Sholden and Eastry.

    For more information about the Dover District Neighbourhood Forums please see: www.dover.gov.uk/neighbourhoodforums or contact Anne Charman, KCC Community Engagement Manager on 01622 696389

    Who We Are: - Despite the smallness of our country, its high population density and widespread, intense pressure for development, we still have, in England, large areas of incomparably beautiful countryside. CPRE exists to protect our natural landscapes from destruction and degradation.

    Established in 1926, CPRE is a registered charity with about 60,000 members and supporters. The charity operates as a network with over 200 district groups, a branch in every county, a group in every region and a national office. Over 2,000 parish councils and 800 amenity societies belong to CPRE. This makes CPRE a powerful combination of effective local action and strong national campaigning

    What We Do:- We campaign for the countryside to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of everyone. We work mainly at a local level, striving to influence opinion formers throughout the county and the South East region. We also work with CPRE nationally to influence national planning policy.

    Our work focuses on

    ·         land use planning

    ·         transport

    ·         natural resources

    ·         the quality, character and diversity of the countryside

    ·         rural economies, services and quality of life

    Trading Standards Information  

    Kent County Council LogoKent Trading Standards wish to remind people that we always need to receive information about poor trading practices. This information is vital as it enables us to effectively target our campaign work.  If you wish to make a report to us, please call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06. They will take the details and forward the information to us. Examples of matters that you may wish to report are:

    Sales of Cigarettes or Alcohol to under 18's
    Sales of Fireworks to under 18's or outside the permitted dates
    Doorstep sellers, e.g. fish sellers, carpet / rug sellers   
    Cold Callers who offer to do work on your property e.g. driveways, guttering, garden clearance, tree surgery
    Sales of Counterfeit goods, dangerous goods and wrongly described goods
    Roadside car dealers
    Out of date food sales
    Traders who purport to be private sellers
    Any other trading practice that causes concern

    Any business seeking advice about Trading Standards legislation are welcome to call 01732 525291 if they are based in West Kent or 01233 898825 if they are based in East Kent.

    If you wish to find out more about your rights as a consumer please call 08454 04 05 06.

    Creating Areas For Nature  

    Biodiversity LogoWhy not try creating a pond or tree planting, composting, building raised beds, making boggy areas or building bird or bat boxes?

    Any piece of ground can be transformed into a haven for wildlife, whether it is at school, in a community space, in your back garden or even on a rooftop. No matter how much space you have available, you will find ideas here that can be adapted to suit your needs.

    Across the county, Kent ’s Countryside Management Partnerships, supported by Kent County Council, the Kent Eco-Schools Project and the London Borough of Bexley, have collaborated to produce this pack on behalf of the Kent Biodiversity Action Plan.

    The guide is the first of its kind in Kent and takes the form of an online series of PDF information sheets that provide a step-by-step guide to creating wildlife habitats in your garden or grounds. As well as a helping with the practical side of creating nature areas, it also includes information on the kinds of wildlife you can expect to attract, planning tips and lots of useful links for further reading and information. Health and safety information is also included.

    The pack is available now at www.kentbap.org.uk/creatingareasfornature

    Email cmp@kent.gov.uk with your ideas on how you could improve your garden or grounds for wildlife and you will receive a packet of free poppy seeds!

    For further details, please email cmp@kent.gov.uk or contact Isabel Sturdy at the North West Kent Countryside Partnership, 01322 294727.

    All About Kent trading Standards...

    The role of Trading Standards is to provide advice and guidance to consumers and businesses. Amongst other tasks we try to disrupt the activities of doorstep criminals. If necessary we can prosecute the worst offences provided we have sufficient evidence. Please take the time to report doorstep criminals to us via Consumer Direct on 0845 404 05 06. The information we receive is valued. Consumer Direct can also give you information on your rights as a consumer. Visit our website at www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/kent to find out more about what we do.
    We have recently published a booklet "The Smart Guide to Scams - How to deal with doorstep criminals, scam mail and unwanted phone calls" to get a copy email tsadvice@kent.gov.uk
    or view it on line at http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/kent/documents/AE%20factsheets/The%20smart%20guide%20to%20scams.pdf

    Doorstep Callers
    Doorstep Callers offering most goods or services valued at over £35.00 should provide you with a 7 day cancellation period in writing. A recent change to the law means that you will be able to cancel any contract made while in your home; this applies to both cold callers and businesses you invite to call.
    Always carefully consider any offer that is made to you at your door. If you are told work needs to be done on your property take extra care. There are very few jobs around the house that need to be done immediately. Do not be pressurised into making an instant decision.
    Call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or visit www.consumerdirect.gov.uk   for further advice or to report any details that have been taken e.g. descriptions of the caller(s) vehicle details/registrations, phone numbers.
    Check out the Buy with Confidence Scheme for details of approved traders you can trust at www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk or by ringing Trading Standards on 01233 652385

    Scam Mail
    Scam mail could be mail order catalogues, letters asking for your assistance in transferring money, letters telling you that you have won a prize in a draw or offering to tell you your future. Never respond as it could increase the amount of scam mail that you will get. Dispose of it in your recycling bag remembering to remove any personal information.

    Unwanted Mail
    By registering with the Mail Preference Service it is possible to reduce the amount that is received. It is a free service. It is unlikely that this will stop any mailings from abroad.
    Mailing Preference Service
    DMA House
    70 Margaret Street
    W1W 8SS
    Tel 0845 703 4599                       www.mpsonline.org.uk

    Unwanted Telephone Calls
    Register with the Telephone Preference Service to reduce the number of unwanted calls. It is unlikely to stop calls coming from outside the UK.
    Telephone Preference Service
    DMA House
    70 Margaret Street
    W1W 8SS
    Tel 0845 070 0707                       www.tpsonline.org.uk

    Roadworks Information on "the Web"

    For many months now, this website has been advocating you use the "Electronic Local Government Information Network", or eLGIN.

    The eLGIN website provides an up-to-date interactive map of both current and planned works on the road for a large area of the UK.

    You can read more about the service by reading the poster here, or by viewing their website at: http://kent.elgin.gov.uk or www.elgin.gov.uk .

    Kent Police Youth Panel

    The Kent Police Youth Panel is made up of young people, aged 11 and over, who live in Kent, who tell Kent Police what they think about a number of crime and policing issues. The panel helps Kent Police understand the views and needs of young people across Kent and the information helps shape the service provided by Kent Police.

    How it works: During a year panel members will be invited to take part in up to four surveys or discussion groups. Opinions are sought by email, telephone or pot or at informal discussion group meetings.

    Get involved! If you are aged 11 years and older, or know a person who is, live in Kent and would like more information about becoming a Youth Panel member please email the Youth Panel or call 01622 652667.

    You can also visit their website at www.kent.police.uk/youthpanel .

    Are You Licensed to Drive?

    Many people are unaware that a photocard driving licence is only valid for 10 years; after that it needs to be renewed with a new photo. Renewing it costs £17.50 currently.

    Some of the oldest photocards are now 10 years old. Is yours about to expire?

    The front of the licence carries two dates:

    4a - the date the photo is valid from, and

    4b - the date by which the licence needs to be updated. This is generally 10 years after the licence was initially issued but for drivers nearing or over the age of 70, is the date at which the entitlement to drive ends.

    If you change address or name then you must tell the DVLA so that the driving licence details can be updated. In this case the licence is free as long as the '4b' date has not been passed. Having a licence which has not been updated will pose problems, particularly if you want to hire a car or if you have to prove your entitlement to drive to your employer. It could also lead to a fine of up to £1000.

    More information is available from the AA here...

    Repossession Advice Pack

    A repossession advice pack, with practical advice for homeowners worried about meeting their mortgage repayments, has been created.

    The pack gives step-by-step advice to households and advises on how they can avoid making their situation worse.

    You can download and print your own copy by clicking here.

    Support Our Small Shops

    Small shops are at the heart of our small towns and villages. They offer diversity and choice and provide a personal service to the community. Yet in many small communities these independent retailers are under threat, facing a rising burden of regulation and tax, a daily battle against crime and violence as well as competition from the growth of large shopping centres. It is estimated that 2000 shops close every year.

    Small Business Rate Relief

    Rising business rates are hurting small shops - and yet many shops don't claim the rate relief they are entitled to because they either don't know about it or because it's too complicated. Rate relief could save some small businesses up to £1,100 a year, so it's vital we help owners claim the full amount they're owed.

    With the help of Leaseholders United we have provided an online tool via the link below to find out what relief - if any - you're entitled to. If you run a small business and want to see if you're entitled to rate relief simply click here.

    Get "ICED"!

    Get ICE on your mobile phone!

    We all carry our mobile phones with names and numbers stored in its memory. If we were involved in an accident, or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call! yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored; but which one is the contact person in case of emergency? Hence this 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

    The concept of 'ICE' is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As mobile phones are carried by the majority of the population all you need do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency). The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents there were always mobile phones with patients; but they didn't know which number to call.

    He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognised name for this purpose. In an emergency situation Emergency Service personnel and hospital staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialling the number you have stored in 'ICE'. For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc.


    New Neighbourhood Watch Website

    The website that supports the new organisation; Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England and Wales) - (NHWN) - and represents Neighbourhood Watch nationally is:


    Please try logging on to the new site and explore what is going on around the country with NHW. You'll find it very interesting!

    Policing in Eastry

    Link to Kent Police website

    If you need to report a crime please call 01304 240055, and in case of an emergency 999.

    Buttsole Pond Restoration Plan

    "Work has begun on the implementation of a management plan for Buttsole pond, located alongside Lower Street.  The plan had been drawn up by the White Cliffs Countryside Project and approved by the Parish Council and will greatly improve the diversity of wildlife and general amenity value.   

    The area of surface water has reduced considerably in recent years due to the encroachment of plants like reed mace and suckering from the roadside willows.  The first phase is to reduce the area of these plants in about half of the pond.   Conscious of the impact of habitat changes to existing wildlife the remedial work is best done at this time of year and much of the pond has been left untouched to act as a refuge for the animal population.  Although the change in appearance is dramatic there will be re-growth in spring from remaining roots and we will encourage a more diverse range of native plants.

    Since the pond is not stream fed a major problem for the pond has been the lowering of the water table probably due to greater extraction.  The gulleys from the road have been cleared to capture more rain run-off and so partly compensate. 

    Another issue with the pond is that   a couple of non-native pond weeds have been accidentally introduced (Parrot’s feather and Australian swamp stonecrop) and have to be removed they will upset the ecosystem.   People should refrain from bringing any pond life from their own ponds

    We can all watch with interest as the pond recovers from this temporary shock and a richer fauna and flora are allowed to develop."

    Simon Dundas - Eastry Pond Warden 

    Shore Watch   

    If you see any seals, dolphins or whales washed up onto our local beaches please call British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) on 01825 765546.

    Hopefully this will not be a frequent occurrence, but some of you may remember the huge whale that was washed up in Pegwell Bay several years ago and which, sadly, could not be saved.

    Parade Opening Ceremony

    Donald Eldridge opens the Parade - 27 Sept 2008

    Eastry Parish Council are pleased to announce that the project to revitalise the are in front of the Parade of shops in The High Street, Eastry, has now been completed. The project was launched in the late 1990s and was originally to be the Parish Council's "Millennium Project". There were, however, many delays during each stage of the project.

    Early in 2007 Cllr David Carr, then Chairman of the Parish Council, established the Council's Working Party which finally, by March 1st 2008 were in a position to start work to create this amenity area for the local community.

    The Parish Council are very grateful for the financial aid of Sandwich Neighbourhood Forum, Dover District Council Community Safety Partnership and a Member Community Grant from Kent County Council.

    The Parish Council would also like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr Theodore (Teddy) Birnberg, a previous Parish Councillor who generously left the Parish Council a Legacy that has been used to part-fund the project.

    In addition the local community has helped raise over £1600 with a "Buy-a-Brick" campaign, raffles and even a sponsored sing by the parent and toddler group!

    Children from Eastry School bury the "Time Capsule"

    The opening ceremony was held on Friday 26th September 2008 at 10:00am; the ribbon was cut by Mr Donald Eldridge; retired Parish Councillor and one of the instigators of the project. Pupils from Eastry Primary School also were in attendance to bury a time capsule.

    Official Press Release here...

    The Clean Kent Campaign

    The Clean Kent Campaign recognises that Kent is a clean and beautiful County in which to live, work and enjoy. One of the ways in which the campaign aims to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the county is by reducing instances of fly-tipping and littering, thereby improving the overall quality of the Kent environment.

    "Litter, rubbish, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles are seen as key manifestations of anti-social behaviour and potentially in turn, crime and fear of crime. The Clean Kent Campaign recognises all of these issues and the adverse effects they may have on the quality of life, tourism and economic development. Where anti-social behaviour is present, crime may follow. Clean Kent aims to eradicate fly-tipping offences and ensure high quality environments and support safe communities." - PC Mick Wright, County Watch Liaison Officer.

    To find out more about Clean Kent log onto www.cleankent.com or call 08453 450210

    National CCTV Database

    The Association of Chief Police Officers working group on CCTV and video is exploring the feasibility of storing CCTV images of crime and matching them against databases of offenders, similar to the store and search systems currently in use with DNA and fingerprints collected at crime scenes.

    It is proposed that the new initiative is to be titled the Facial Images National Database (FIND).

    The working group recognise that it is vital that CCTV standards are improved. The Metropolitan Police Service recently reported that their success rate in using CCTV for criminal prosecution is as low as 3%

    The British Standards Institute, the Department of Justice and the Information Commissioner's Office are working together to develop standards for anyone who wants to produce CCTV images that the police could use in prosecutions.

    The majority of the estimated 4.2 million CCTV systems installed in the UK are owned by local authorities and the private sector. Currently few systems produce images that would be usable by police to secure convictions without corroborating evidence.

    Hospital travel information

    Kent County Council have issued leaflets on travel to local hospitals and are available as a download by clicking on the appropriate link below:

    William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Margate

    Kent and Canterbury, Canterbury

    Buttsole Pond Management Plan

    A Management Plan for Buttsole Pond has been prepared by the White Cliffs Countryside Project on behalf of the Parish Council.

    The paper will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting and you are invited to read a copy, together with the Appendix:

    Management Plan

    Appendix 1

    Kent County Council - "Buy With Confidence"

    Kent County Council's Trading Standards Service have launched a "Buy With Confidence" good trader scheme. A copy of the notice is available here.

    The scheme provides customers with a list of reliable local businesses that have proved their commitment to trading fairly.

    These businesses will have had to undergo and audit by Trading Standards Officers and passed a series of detailed checks before being approved under the scheme.

    Full details are available from the website at www.buywithconfidence.info .

    Eastry Parish Council Adopt New Code of Conduct

    At the Parish Council meeting of 2nd July 2007 it was unanimously agreed to adopt the new Code of Conduct for Town and Parish Councils in the Dover District.

    The new Code of Conduct contains the Ten General Principles for Public Life, as laid out in the Relevant Authorities (General Principles) Order 2001.

    A copy is available for you to read: please click here. Remember: this document is large and may take some time to download.

    What is a Parish Council?

    There are over 8,700 parish and town councils representing around 16 million people across England. They form the most local level of government and cover many rural areas.  

    What services do they provide? 

    Eastry Parish Council provides the following services:

    Allotments Dog waste bins “poop scoopers” Public lavatory
    Street cleaning Burial ground Open spaces Bus shelters
    Play Equipment Litter bins Picnic site Buttsole pond
    Coffee Break      

    They also work with Dover District Council, and Kent County Council to get other services for the parish. Eastry Parish Council meets 11 times a year on the first Monday of the month (except January and May, when it’s the 2nd Monday).

    The booklets “All About Parish and Town Councils” and “The Good Councillors Guide” can be found on the parish council web-site http://www.eastrypc.co.uk


    A Designated Public Places Order, which will control the consumption of alcohol in public places in specified areas, will be introduced by Dover District Council with effect from 1st February 2007. The order is commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as an alcohol exclusion zone.

    The effect of the order is that a Police Constable may require a person to stop drinking alcohol in a public place within the designated area. Any person so required, but who refuses to stop, commits an offence which could result in them being arrested. Drinking alcohol in a designated area is not in itself an offence. The offence is created if any person refuses to stop drinking once required to do so by a Police Constable. Any enforcement of this law is carried out entirely at the discretion of the police.

    This order has been made following analysis of relevant crimes and extensive consultation with the public. The relevant work was undertaken by Dover District Council's Community Safety Unit.

    The order will apply to all public places lying within the boundaries of Dover, encompassing Castle, Town and Pier, Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory, Tower Hamlets, St. Radigunds, Buckland and Whitfield wards; Deal, encompassing Walmer, Mill Hill, Middle Deal and Sholden and North Deal wards, Sandwich and the following parishes: Ash, Aylesham, Eastry, Eythorne, Guston, Ringwould / Kingsdown, River, St. Margaret's, Shepherdswell, Temple Ewell, Wingham. Signs are being placed across the district to indicate designated areas.

    For more information, please log onto the Dover District Council website at www.dover.gov.uk/asb


    Coffee Break



    Just a reminder that Jigsaw puzzles are available to borrow on 2nd Friday of the month at Coffee Break. Also on the 2nd Friday Hi-Kent hearing-aid re-tubing clinic is available to assist you with your hearing-aid needs. Hearing Aids should be re-tubed every 3 months!

    Play and Recreation Facilities



    The Parish Council own and maintain a number of play areas and play equipment in the Parish. Play equipment is situated in Gun Park (off Wilmott Place) and at the Allotment play area behind Centenary Gardens and Mill Green. Three goal posts are in place at the bottom (Wilmott Place) end of Gun Park and two small goals are situated in the Allotments play area for general use. Also in Gun Park are a skate ramp and basket-ball hoop.

    The Parish Council also maintain a Recreation Ground in Church Street opposite the Church. This area is well used by smaller children and their parents.

      Useful Contact Numbers

    The Parish Council are receiving more and more phone calls reporting things that they do not have a direct responsibility for. In these instances the Clerk can only pass on the report to the correct department and does not always have enough information to do this efficiently and errors could be made. Parishioners are asked to contact the responsible authority directly, as below:

    Dover District Council                         

    White Cliffs Business Park
    CT16 3PJ

    Telephone: 01304 821199
    E-mail: customerservices@dover.gov.uk
    Minicom: 01304 820115


    All problems relating to refuse or recycle collections. Rubbish and Dog waste bin emptying Street cleaning, Street nameplates, and Council housing problems should be directed to DDC. A full list of services and direct dial numbers can be found in the phone book 

    Kent Highways Services –

    Kent Highway Services
    Kent County Council
    Invicta House
    County Hall
    Kent ME14 1XX

    08458 247 800


    All problems relating to street lights, roads or footways, road signs, pot holes, road works, overgrowth hedges, drains and ditches on the highway, vehicle crossings, dropped curbs or empty salt bin should be directed to Kent Highways services. 

    Public Rights of Way Office – 01304 216307 

    Problems with footpaths (Not tarmac) including Horses using public footpaths.

    Householders' Responsibility For Waste




    Following the introduction of new Government waste regulations, Dover District Council is reminding residents that householders now have a responsibility to check who is taking their rubbish away, or risk a fine of up to £5,000. Householders now have a 'Duty of Care' to ensure that their rubbish is only collected by a registered waste carrier.

    Dover District Council is already working hard to reduce the problem of fly tipping. The regulations have been introduced to help Authorities tackle this serious issue. Last year Dover District Council dealt with 487 incidents of fly tipping, at a cost of around £50,000.

    The new regulations mean that people who need to have household, garden or construction waste removed from their home must check the waste carrier registration of anyone they employ, or who offers to remove the waste for them. All builders and allied trades, landscape gardeners, tree fellers, house clearers, retailers who remove domestic goods such as fridges and sofas when delivering new ones, and scrap metal dealers should be registered waste carriers. The carriers will issue householders with a 'waste transfer note', which should be kept by the householder as proof that they passed their waste on to an authorised carrier. This legislation does not affect any waste collection service provided by the Council, including your normal weekly household waste collection. 

    Registered waste carriers can be checked by contacting the Environment Agency on (08708) 506506, or online at http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/publicregister. Householders can also contact Dover District Council on (01304) 872410 and for a small fee bulky items can be collected and disposed of in an authorised manner.