Eastry Parish Council

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The Lord Lieutenant's visit to the Parish - 25 July 2006

The Parish was honoured by a very special guest on 25 July; the Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, Mr Allan Willett, CMG.

Lady Pender (centre) introduces the Lord Lieutenant (left) to Cllr Iris Mollart (right), a previous Chairman of Eastry Parish Council.

The Lord Lieutenant met representatives from various community groups and village organisations during the day, thanking each of them in turn for their contribution to the parish. In particular he thanked "...all those who are doing so much for others; particularly the young, the elderly and the vulnerable."

It's a plant! The Lord Lieutenant visits Pettet's Nursery

In the afternoon Mr. Willett visited our primary school, "Bubbles" nursery and Out of School Club, the Greville Alms houses, St. Mary's church and various shops and businesses including Pettet's Nursery where he met Lady Pender, Deputy Lieutenant of Kent and Cllr Mrs Iris Mollart, our former Parish Council Chairman.

Budding "Bubbles" artists show Mr Willett a thing or two...

Mr Willett is greeted at Eastry School and then...

Headmaster Tim Halling takes Mr Willett on a tour of the facilities.

This young man obviously believes that "...if the cap fits; wear it!"

Having retrieved his cap and sword, Mr Willett heads the procession along with Tim Halling.

Our Community Warden, Bob Priestley chats with Mr Willett.

Cllr Iris Mollart and Mr Willett greet customers at "Bicker's" Newsagent.

With Sanjai and Hilli Patel...

...and son (below)

Allan Willett chats to Mr Paul Cook of The Food Stores...

...and Mr Hafeez of The Eastry Pharmacy.

...enjoying a chuckle in Greville Homes...

...and with Rev. Frank Kent and colleagues at St. Mary's church.

From 5:45pm Mr Willett hosted a reception in the Village Hall, experiencing at first-hand the community spirit and solidarity that helped our village achieve Kent Village of the Year status in 2005 commenting upon "...the dedicated and selfless work..." carried on by those who Mr Willett called "...the backbone of the community."

Mr Willett also said "...Eastry is a strong and healthy community with its many flourishing clubs and associations and locally based businesses and services. Its success is due to the volunteers and community workers and local business people, whose endless dedication has added so much to the strength of the neighbourhood."

The "Village of the Year 2005" Team:

From left to right: Cllr David Carr - ex-Chairman, Eastry Parish Council; Joan & Peter Hardy; Cllr Sheila Smith; Allan Willet - Lord Lieutenant; Bob Priestley - Community Warden; John Waring; Terry James; Cllr Sam Shevde - Eastry Parish Council and far right Tim Halling - Headmaster, Eastry Primary School.