Eastry Parish Council

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Eastry Parish Council was formed in the 1890's and currently has eleven seats. The members meet eleven times each year; usually on the first Monday of the month, at the Parish Room, Church Street, Eastry. There is no meeting in August and the May meeting is on the 2nd Monday of the month, due to the Bank Holiday.


The Parish Council employs a Clerk, Mrs Sarah Wells, for 18 hours per week. The Council official offices are situated at the Clerk's home address:

3 Gore Terrace
Gore Road
CT13 0LS

Tel: 01304 614320

Office Opening Hours

Monday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday - 9:00am - 5:00pm

All Council correspondence should be sent to the address above and anyone wishing to visit the office should ring for an appointment.

The Council also employs an Environmental Engineer who helps keep the Parish free from litter.


The Clerk is also the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) for the Council and is responsible for the preparation of the Council Accounts.

General Data Protection Regulation

Staff and Councillor Privacy Notice (GDPR)


The Clerk is responsible for organising burials in the Cemetery at Eastry - St Mary's Church, Church Street, Eastry.


The allotments are managed by the Allotments Management Committee. Anyone wishing to rent an allotment should contact the secretary, Mr Peter Bailey on 01304 614184.

Dog Fouling

Please go to the Dover District Council Online Reporting portal here.

Documents for Download

Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Complaints

Press and Media Policy

Standing Orders - June 2018

Eastry PC Code of Conduct Adopted  2-7-12

Model Publication Scheme

Parish Council Guide to Information

Changes to Planning Legislation 2013

Eastry Parish Council Financial Regulations - March 2016

Staff and Councillor Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Parish Council Meeting Dates

Parish Council Meeting Dates are on the first Monday of each month. There are no meetings in the month of August.

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2007  Annual Report - 2008

Annual Report - 2009  Annual Report - 2010

Annual Report - 2011  Annual Report - 2012

Your representatives:

Eastry Parish Council - Nick Kenton

Cllr Nick Kenton - Chairman

Bereth, High Street, Eastry, CT13 0HE

Email: nick.kenton@eastrypc.co.uk

Eastry Parish Council - Margaret Pemble

Cllr Margaret Pemble

20 Orchard Road, Eastry, CT13 0EB

Email: margaret.pemble@eastrypc.co.uk

awaiting photo

Cllr Peter Bailey

18 Heronden View, Eastry, CT13 OEZ

Email: peter.bailey@eastrypc.co.uk

Cllr Andrew Barwick

Bereth, High Street, Eastry, CT13 0HE

Email: andrew.barwick@eastrypc.co.uk

Cllr Martin Kemp

7 Church Street, Eastry, CT13 0HH

Email: martin.kemp@eastrypc.co.uk

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Cllr Mark Jones - Vice Chairman

Thornton House, Thornton lane, Eastry CT13 0EU

Email: mark.jones@eastrypc.co.uk

Clerk – Sarah Wells

3 Gore Terrace, Gore Road, Eastry, CT13 0LS

Email: clerk@eastrypc.co.uk


Committees & Sub-Committees

Finance Committee

A Barwick                   M Pemble                    M Jones                       D Russell                     N Kenton            P Bailey


Councillors Responsibilities & Deligates

Risk Assessment - M Jones & C Boughton                                                       

 KAPC x 2 - P Bailey & D Russell

Village Hall Committee x 2 - M Pemble & P Bailey

Eastry Young Peoples Club x 1 - D Russell

Footpath Officer/s - M Jones & C Boughton

Councillor responsible for Finance - M Jones

Community Resilience and Emergency Planning  Reps - M Jones & A Barwick

Working Parties

            Leisure Fields - M Kemp          M Jones           M Pemble        D Russell

            Pond and Parade - D Russell        A Barwick

            Church Yard and Cemetery - M Kemp          M Pemble        C Boughton

Planning Committee

A Barwick                   M Pemble                    P Bailey                       M Jones                       N Kenton

M Kemp                      C Boughton                D Russell

Allotment Committee PC Representatives

M Kemp             M Pemble

Kent County Council Telephone Numbers

These telephone numbers are effective from 1st October 2013:

Main contact number: 03000 41 41 41

Adult education: 03000 41 22 22

Adult social services and health: 03000 41 61 61

Blue Badge scheme: 03000 41 62 62

Carers’ emergency line: 03000 41 63 63

Children and families information service: 03000 41 23 23

Children’s social services: 03000 41 11 11

Concessionary fares: 03000 41 83 83

Country parks: 03000 41 72 72

Education: 03000 41 21 21

Environment: 03000 41 71 71

Highways: 03000 41 81 81

Kent Freedom Pass: 03000 41 84 84

Libraries and archives: 03000 41 31 31

Pensions: 03000 41 42 42

Property: 03000 41 78 78

Registrations: 03000 41 51 51

Speed awareness: 03000 41 82 82