Looking for and Exciting and Different Volunteering Day?

KCC_NewHow about taking part in an emergency evacuation exercise with free lunch provided? Your pets are welcome to come along too!

The Kent Resilience Team [KRT] in Kent County Council [KCC] will be holding an exercise on the 27th September 2016 to test the East coast tidal surge plan in the Littlestone area. They need willing volunteers to take part and make the exercise as realistic as possible for the agencies involved.

Get involved and help to ensure KCC’s emergency planning arrangements work well so we are ready should a real emergency arise! 

What do KCC need?

200 volunteers are needed for the exercise so small, large teams and individuals can be accommodated. You will need to bring a large empty suitcase or something similar along with you and you can also bring your pet. This is to help KCC to test their luggage transport, storage and return facilities and to test the planning for getting your pet into safe accommodation throughout the duration n of the emergency. You will learn how your local services and other organisations operate in a crisis and what you can do to protect yourself in an emergency.

What time does it start?

The exercise starts at 9.30am at Littlestone Beach front and you will be evacuated to an emergency planning centre located nearby; the day is expected to end at 16:30.

Free lunch!

Free refreshments will be provided throughout the day along with a packed lunch.

What’s expected of me?

During the day you will help the KRT team and other agencies by presenting them with your personal evacuation needs which they will then have to find strategies to deal with. Your help will strengthen the emergency planning team’s capability in the future should a real life event occur. You will also have time to spend time with your community and other like-minded volunteers.

Who do I contact?

Email krf@kent.fire-uk.org or call Michelle Cheyne on 01622 212409.

Download the pamphlet HERE