Fraudsters sending scam bank letters to Lloyds Bank customers

We have received reports of fraudsters sending scam letters to Lloyds Bank customers claiming there have been some unusual transactions on their personal account and asking customers to telephone a number to confirm their identity.

When victims call the number, an automated welcome message is played and the caller is asked to enter their card number, account number and sort code followed by their date of birth.

Please do not dial the telephone number from the letter or disclose any of your personal details.

If you receive correspondence from your bank and are unsure whether it is genuine, telephone your bank directly.

Find out about the different types of scams and how you can spot one.
Friends against scams aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to ‘Take a stand against scams’.

Become a Friend Against Scams

Beware Scam Tax Refund Emails!


We have received reports of customers receiving scam emails claiming to be from HMRC. The email claims the customer is eligible for a tax refund and asks them to click on a web link to confirm their tax refund.

What happens if I click on the link?

You could be tricked into handing over sensitive information
Clicking on the link may take you to a fake website where you’ll be tricked into giving scammers your private information including bank details, logins and passwords.

You could download spyware or a virus to your computer
Clicking on the link may download a virus or spyware to your computer. Viruses can cause deletion and corruption of data whilst spyware can be used to capture private information used for identity theft and fraud.

Use email safely

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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