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The Parish Council hopes you enjoy your visit. The aim of the website is to inform both residents and visitors alike about the activities of the Parish Council, local Clubs and Societies, local businesses and local people - whilst at the same time giving potential visitors to the village a little insight into Eastry and the warm and friendly welcome you can expect.

The village of Eastry is situated approximately 2½ miles South-West of the Cinque Port of Sandwich, Eastry’s main post town; 4½ miles North-West of Deal; 12 miles East of Canterbury and 86 miles from London. It may be considered a large village by today’s standards having something over 1000 homes within its boundaries.

Until the end of 2004 Eastry was one of the only villages (if not the only village!) remaining in England to have a “butcher, baker and candlestick maker”.

(a "candlestick maker" was someone who made candles from tallow - NOT the candle holder itself!)

Voted Kent's "Village of the Year 2005" Eastry enjoys having a huge range of local businesses in its locale; from traditional crafts and equestrian equipment to tyre sales . It has a selection of hostelries providing good accommodation, food, beers and fine wines, a chemist, a fish and chip shop, a Chinese "take-away", a butcher, a baker, ladies hair stylists, an active Village Hall as well as a local convenience store, newsagent, post office and a wealth of local clubs, societies and activity groups.

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If you have a query to do with roads, drains, street lights, etc., please see: http://www.kent.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/report-a-problem

If you have a query to do with waste or bin collection, housing, environmental crime (littering / dog fouling) or Council Tax, etc., please see: http://www.dover.gov.uk/Home.aspx

To report a crime online: https://www.kent.police.uk/services/report-online/

To report power cuts call 105 or Tweet @ukpowernetworks

To view live power cut information see: www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/powercut

& https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/power-cut/map

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